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I Tried A Hair Sheet Mask, Here’s What Happened…

It’s safe to say that sheet masks have been making major waves in the beauty industry. There are sheet masks for literally everything these days; face, body, lips… even for your boobs! And to be totally honest, I’ve tried a lot of them. However, I had never tried hair sheet mask.

A hair sheet mask is kind of a weird concept… right? How does it even work? I was intrigued. So when I spotted the Kocostar Hair Therapy Deep Conditioning Steam Hair Wrap at my local Anthropologie, I knew I had to try it. Here’s how things went down.

hair sheet mask hair steam mask

The Process

The instructions on the back of the packet said to shampoo first then apply the mask. I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical that the mask wasn’t going to be enough conditioner for me to be skipping the conditioning step in my routine altogether, but I managed to resist, as instructed. Once I rinsed away my shampoo (which, by the way, was OUAI’s Repair Shampoo,) I ripped open the packet and unfolded the hair sheet mask.


Like the name suggests, it’s more of a wrap than a mask and fits over your head just like a shower cap. I gathered my hair up into it and secured it tight to my head with the sticker strap which, I must say, was very helpful. It felt surprisingly comfortable on my head – unlike 99% of the face sheet masks I’ve used over the past year.



The Result

After 15 minutes of waiting–and scrolling through Instagram–I was ready to remove the cap, rinse away the conditioner and see the results. My first impression? Honestly, I was not overly excited. As I expected, the parts of my hair that weren’t touching the cap didn’t seem like they got treated. Bummer! Again, I resisted the urge to a  little of my own conditioner as I rinsed it all out.  After rinsing off the hair sheet mask, I did an at-home blowout. Read this if you need tips on at-home blowouts. To my surprise, once my hair was dry it did feel much shinier and silkier! My dry ends even seemed healthier, which was amazing.


Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a super easy-to-use treatment. It didn’t blow me away but it did make my hair softer as it claimed it would. I’m guessing that if I used this mask every week as it suggests, my hair split-ends would disappear and my hair would look and feel healthier overall. However, considering a hair sheet mask is $8 a pop, I think I’ll stick to a lotion hair mask that I can apply it myself so I know I won’t miss any parts of my hair.

Have you tried a different hair sheet mask I should know about? Share in the comments and shop this hair sheet mask below!


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