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NEED TO KNOW: Hair Strobing is a Real Thing

Strobing is a word we hear all the time in the beauty industry, though usually in the makeup world. This new technique is all about highlighting your best features- and this time it’s with hair color!

Redken colorist Justin Isaac showed off his newest technique at the Premiere Beauty Show Birmingham, and after this post on his Instagram we were dying to see the finished result. 

Hair Strobing

In his Strobing technique, Isaac works on the exterior of the hair in the natural falling position to highlight with small polka-dot like color placement. The color starts small and precise near the scalp and gets bigger and more sporadic at the ends. 

Hair Strobing

Not working in the interior of the hair creates a natural highlight, almost like where the sun would naturally hit the hair strand.  The unique placement of color used shows hair color in a new raw and creative state that we’ve never seen before.

Hair Strobing

“Copper reds are on point right now,” Justin captions the above picture on his Instagram. “We created the highs and lows with our newest trend #strobing.”

The finished result is a mix of soft and bright pop’s of color that almost “peek” out of the shine in the hair.

Hair Strobing

Justin displays a variety of hair colors on his Instagram using the strobing technique, proving that just like makeup, this trend can be subtle or bold depending on how use use it.

Is this trend here to stay or just a fad? Let us know what you think in the comments below!!

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