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Breaking Down the TikTok “Hair Tinsel” Trend

Changing your hair color just got a lot more fun, thanks to TikTok’s latest tress trend. Hair tinsel, or “fairy hair”, is the social media platform’s latest obsession. Countless users have discovered the subtle but stunning impact a few glittery extensions can make on your mane. But while the tinsel trend might have blown up on the social media platform only recently, tastemakers like Katy Perry and Beyoncé have been onto this aesthetic for years. Need we say more? Shimmery strands are just the latest in a long line of revival retro trends we’re happy to have back.

Want to nail this TikTok trend? We spoke to San Diego hair artist Victoria Avalos to break it down. With 243K followers on TikTok, this stylist is no stranger to the social media platform or hair tinsel extensions. Read on to find out how this expert styles the trend!

About the Expert

Victoria Avalos is a San Diego-based hair artist.

What Is Hair Tinsel?

“Hair tinsel is basically glitter thread that can be installed into the hair multiple ways to add a sparkle effect,” Avalos explains. It’s essentially a type of hair extension made up of fine, shimmery strands in various stand-out shades. The appeal is easy to see: hair tinsel provides a simple way to add a cute pop of color to your mane without harsh hair dye chemicals.

(Image Source: Victoria Avalos)

How to Apply Hair Tinsel

When it comes to color trends, we love something with versatility in the application process. Hair tinsel can be applied in many different ways—from in-salon methods to at-home alternatives. “I install tinsel using the bead method,” Avalos explains, “[T]his is done by using a pull through tool to pull the hair and tinsel through the bead and secure shut with extension pliers.” Some TikTok users have taken to using a loop-through application method to DIY the trend on their own. Either way, the results are just lovely.


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Want control over your color process? Hair tinsel is the trend for you. “Tinsel comes in all colors,” Avalos explains. “[M]ost of the time I like to match the tinsel to the color of the client’s hair. I cut it after installing to the exact length of the hair.” Low damage, even lower commitment, and a massive selection of shades? Few color trends can compare.

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