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NEED TO KNOW: Hair to Match a Suit

Whether you are trying to land the job of your dreams or simply embracing menswear fashion trends; rocking a suit with the perfect mane is something we all should indulge in! You don’t have to forgo looking sexy while trying to be professional. Because the suit is so structured, you can let your mane to do some talking on its own! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles; and remember wearing a suit doesn’t have to be reserved for a job interview-menswear is a trend we will definitely be seeing this fall! 


Waves and Suit, Hair to go with a woman's suit

As long as your waves don’t look too polished, the low key texture creates the perfect juxtaposition with a tailored suit.


Suit and Braids

This is effortless and polished; adding a braid detail can keep it from looking to old or formal.


Sleek Hair Woman's Suit

Androgynous and edgy this look demands attention and plays well into the menswear trend. 

Whatever style you decide to rock with your suit remember you complete the look! Embrace this trend with full confidence. Not only will you working the sidewalk as a personal catwalk, but  you just may nab the job of your dreams! 

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