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4 Elevated Braids for Festival Season

Festival season is finally upon us! It’s time to channel your inner boho goddess and give your mane some flare and function. To combat the desert sun, wearing your hair up is key, but we suggest straying away from the basic pony and getting inventive with your style. Take a look at our four favorite braids perfect for festival season…



A french braid is a classic way to add festival fun to any look. Play with angles, strand thickness, and pinching and pulling the sides to add variation to the classic braid.



High or low, mixing in a fishtail braid adds detail to the basic pony.



Want to make a statement? A halo braid is the perfect way to tame your tresses. Try twists, knots, or a box braid for variation.



Festivals are great times to experiment with hair accessories. Flowers are a staple, but add style with a printed head wrap. For the DIYers, convert a statement necklace into a headpiece to create something all your own!


Feeling these looks for your upcoming music festivities? Be sure to check out our braid how-to’s for even more #manespiration!

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