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Thanks to our heavy desire for natural salt soaked beach texture, it seems nowadays one of the most requested (and most versatile!) hairstyles lands at the feet of mother nature herself.

While the manes we see parading down the red carpet (or Melrose Ave for that matter) are often times far from natural, it’s a look that transitions so nicely that it’s become a consistent go-to for all occasions.

… and it’s popularity is only increasing because of the fact that waves and texture look good on long hair, short hair, and every length in-between!

Wether you’re prepping for a spring wedding or an afternoon luncheon we want to make sure you’ve got the look down, so we made a quick tip #manespiration tutorial just for you!

Visit our Mane Addicts YouTube page for the step by step details.

Videographer: Justinne Enriquez
Model: Lexi Atkins
Makeup: Andrew Toma
Producer: Desirae Cherie

2 minutes

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