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Here Are the Hair Trends We’re Parting With in 2022

Out with the old, in with the new! Like every year before this one, there are hair trends that dominated 12 months of time. But as we head into 2022, some of those looks have become played out. While we’re not necessarily hating on these trends, they’ve simply ran their course. Keep reading for hair trends we’re leaving behind in 2022.

trends we're leaving in 2021 | Mane Addicts

The Mullet

The mullet hasn’t entirely lost its luster. It’s been taken over by the shag, which is an edgier, cooler version of the former. Much like when the mullet grew in popularity decades ago, we’re going to guess it once again won’t be looked back upon fondly.

Curtain Bangs

When it comes to hair trends we’re leaving behind in 2022, this one’s a surprise. Curtain bangs were the it-accessory of early 2011, but growing them out and styling them to perfection proved to be a challenge. This has led the once-trendy ‘do to lose steam in the latter part of the year. We’re going to bet it fizzles out in the coming year. More importantly, you won’t see us rocking this look again any time soon.

Exceptionally Long Locks

Unless you’re Kim K. in one of her signature wigs, exceptionally long hair has been replaced by shags, mullets, bobs and buzzcuts in 2021. In fact, long hair in general really hasn’t been big in recent months. And with people having less access to their hairstylist, thanks to the pandemic, short can really be the easiest route.

Two-Toned Hair

It’s not to say two-toned hair has lost its cool girl factor. It’s more that due to practicality purposes, it just doesn’t seem like an easy look to uphold. I mean, we, personally, didn’t fare too well with the skunk hair trend, but generally, we didn’t hate on two-toned hair entirely. But with the pandemic spiking again, we could be back to square one with our DIY ‘dos. And therefore, maintaining complicated color just isn’t in the cards.

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