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L.A. Salon Owner Shares Common Hair Trends Since Quarantine Restrictions Have Lifted

It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since mid-March, when we were forced into lockdown—what will be summer 2020 hair trends?

April through June is usually spent getting our locks Coachella ready, and then easing into the sunnier months ahead. Being quarantined and all, everyone was left to fend for themselves, with no professional help, or any style or trend inspo.

Well, now that a majority of hair salons have opened up for cuts and color, people are quick to get back into the swing of mane maintenance. But it doesn’t sound like there are presently any definitive new ‘dos on the horizon.

We reached out to Joico Brand Ambassador Larisa Love, who owns the Larisa Love Salon in L.A.’s Studio City neighborhood. While her actual salon has yet to reopen, she’s been busy with house calls since quarantine restrictions were lifted. Keep reading for what she tells Mane Addicts about the relatively low-maintenance looks her clients have requested.

Keep it Simple

“Hair trends for style are more simple and basic,” Larisa says. “Right now even the most simple style makes the clients feel grand because they’re so thankful just to be in the salon. The main trend I’ve been seeing and doing is the waver style. I use a 3 barrel to create quick and mermaid-like waves within a few minutes.”

Coinciding with the simplicity of hairstyles, color, too, has been low-key.

Low Maintenance Cuts + Styling

“I’ve been seeing much more low maintenance looks,” Larisa explains. “Clients are wanting to leave their natural root color blending into a dimensional tone—mainly warm, golden hues embracing the natural undertone when lifting the color. Just in case lockdown happens again, they are much more prepared!”

One hairstyle that always makes us feel our best (amid quarantine or not)? Beach waves! HERE are the best ways to achieve them, according to Gigi Hadid’s hairstylist.

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