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How I Made A Career Out of Hair Tutorials

When she posted her first video on Instagram three years ago, Sherry Maldonado, the Instafamous vlogger who’s churning out satiating celebrity hair-inspired tutorials, she never imagined a career flourishing from it. Now she’s a full-time beauty influencer slash model who divides her time between Honduras and New York.

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Sherry shares her childhood passion for beauty to her near one million followers through brand collaborations and how-to’s featuring infinity braids, DIY hair gels, and Ariana Grande ponytails in between. Here we asked Sherry how she made a career out of her calling in today’s crowded digital space—read ahead to learn how she got started, where she finds inspiration, and the royal celebrity she looks up to.


Is making hair tutorials your full time job? If yes, what steps did you take to turn it into a career? If not, how do you divide your time?

Yes. I would say my only job is making tutorials. I don’t think I ever took steps to turn this into a career. I never thought about it! It just happened as a result of my hobby and passion.

What did you do before making hair tutorials?

I was a student and a model for commercials in my country, Honduras, but there you cannot make a really good living just being a model as in NY you could, because the industry is not that big. I was contemplating about getting a real, full time job to pay some extra bills, and well, this just happened and thank God because I’m my own boss now.

Why did you start making beauty tutorials?

I was always helping my girlfriends with makeup, hair and clothes. I used to give them a lot of tips
and tricks. They always had questions for me, so I thought about sharing my short tips through videos for all of them on my personal social media page, because besides the fact that I love beauty I love filming and the process behind the scenes is also something I really enjoy. So I created all this from two of my favorite hobbies.


What (or who) made you fall in love with hairstyling?

I remember when I was a kid I used to have a babysitter who was also a hairstylist, so she would always do different types of hairstyles on me especially before school, and every time she would do
something on my hair I remember how that would lift my confidence at school. I was happier feeling prettier and in a better mood when I knew my hair was looking all cute.

Where do you find inspiration for the hairstyles you teach in tutorials?

It can be weird sometimes. I do find inspiration in everything, even from stuff that has nothing to do with beauty. It can be from nature, from people crossing the street, from music, when I see or listen to something that I really like, for some reason, many ideas come to my mind. And of course I also have found a lot of inspiration from other talented beauty gurus and celebrities. I think we all inspire each other but create our own unique stuff.

Do you have any professional experience or education in beauty/hair?

I do not have one in beauty yet, but I have many years of experience in beauty. I have been practicing and reading about it since I was a little girl.

What advice would you give to people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Most importantly, pick something you are passionate about, something you would do for free
because when you love what you do, you can fail many times, many people can laugh at you, say that you are not good enough and you are going to keep doing it because it is your passion and you love it. And that is why you will be consistent and perseverant–and whoever perseveres, succeeds.

If you weren’t making hair tutorials, what would you be doing?

I think I would be a diplomatic involved in politics in my home town country.

Who is your beauty icon?

I would say Kate Middleton. I love and admire how she can look so pretty and feminine without showing too much skin and without being extravagant.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from being a hair vlogger?

Be aware that there is always hate and love. With anything amazing, good, or bad that you share on the internet there is always going to be that one person who is going to hate it and that one person who is going to love it. And I think that is so awesome because it’s what makes this world so beautiful and diverse because we all like different stuff, and there is room for everybody to share their own unique ideas.


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