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New Year, New Hair: 8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Look

New year, new you? It seems like the pressure is on us to fully reinvent ourselves. We have a fresh batch of 12 months to enjoy, why not change up our style? While it’s inspiring to give our look a full 180, sometimes it isn’t so easy to make such a drastic change. If you’re the type to be tame with her mane, no need for a dramatic makeover. We’ve got some tips on how to upgrade your look in fun, cool, and, most importantly, easy ways. Scroll below for temporary ways to change your hair in the new year!

Wig Out

When in doubt, wig out! Follow Kylie Jenner’s lead on this. The reality star is known for rocking at least five different hairstyles a month without actually changing her hair. Maybe you want a pixie but can’t imagine dealing with the regrowth or perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to go green (outside of recycling). Put the scissors and dye bottle down, and get you a neon green pixie cut wig.

Temporary Color

If you’re into color but not wigs, there are other ways to obtain a new look. Temporary hair color rinses, natural colorants like cinnamon or honey, and even clip-in dyed hair extensions are great options for a quick non-commitment fix.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Go long for the new year with some super long extensions. Whether you weave it up, clip it in, or even crochet it on, the ways to add fullness and length to your hair are pretty vast.

Protective Styles

This one’s an oldie but a goodie (especially for the health of your hair). Revamp your look while protecting your curls with protective braidstwists, or (our favorite) faux locs. These styles will allow for color extensions, different textures, and length changes.

The Evolving Haircut

Maybe you want to go really short, but not all at once in January? Take baby steps (or snips) into your desired final cut. You can start with a few inches off in January, maybe a lob by late March, a bob by May, and eventually a pixie by August. Go shorter each season.


Maybe it’s not so much your hair you want to change, but your hair’s look? Make accessories your thing. Jeweled headbands, floral decor, headwraps, scarves, and bows can become your new signature.

Texture Change

Sometimes big changes don’t require huge moves. You can simply revamp your look by changing the texture of your hair. Whether you use heat or natural manipulation (like braiding or twisting), it’s easy to give your mane a brand new look.

Bang It Up

Bangs are the safest daring hair change one can make. It’s a small yet dramatic cut. You can even fake it out with a faux bang clip-in.

Want to try a temporary hue? HERE are six temporary color sprays that actually work!

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