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Do You Actually Get Volume From a Volumizing Drying Brush?

Volumizing drying brushes are all the rage on TikTok, but are these users just expertly skilled at styling, or do these tools actually provide next-level results?

I thought I owned all the hair tools I need, but when a rep from l’ange reached out about sending me one of their 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Driers, I made a little extra room in my bathroom.

L’Ange 2-in-1 Titanium Brush Drier: $119

L’ange products are generally sleek and chic, and their set of volumizing drying brushes are no exception. I received the black and rose gold Le Volume 75MM. It’s a biggie, so room is needed! The brush is $119 (compared to the Revlon’s wildly popular brush of similar type for $59.99). Obviously titanium puts the product at a higher price point.

According to its website, l’ange advertises “salon-worthy blowouts at home.” This comes by way of “one easy-to-use styling tool.” Le Volume “combines a hair dryer with a style-sculpting thermal brush. Tug-resistant bristles grip the hair, giving you just the right amount of tension to create smooth styles with incredible body and lift.”

volumizing drying brushes | Mane Addicts
(via l’ange)

The Experience

I will say I’ve never used anything like this previously. I’m against traditional blow driers because I simply don’t know how to use them properly and they take forever. So to have a blow drier built into a brush is a very cool concept. The brush is incredibly easy to use and comes in three heat settings. After playing around for about 20 minutes, I ended up with a DIY blowout. There really isn’t an art to using the brush. I just did whatever I felt like and got the results I wanted.

Full disclosure: I colored my hair a lot in 2021 (including with some bleach). My hair is unfortunately experiencing the aftermath at the moment. Part of my hair is disconnected from the rest, and I recently trimmed it to get it on track, so it’s basically in a weird, growing out awkward phase. Therefore, to be fair, if my hair were in a different place, I know there would be even stronger results.

My only actual issue with my styling experience is the tool was too big to get some of those smaller nit-picky areas close to the root. I would opt for a smaller barrel size next time, but still, this totally gets the job done. I loved creating a layered, blowout-level look. And my hair felt shiny with very minimal frizz. Here I will include what my hair looks like stick straight versus how it looks when styled with a volumizing drying brush. It’s also important to note that my hair is naturally very curly and frizzy.

salon-worthy blowouts at home | Mane Addicts

Bottom Line

First and foremost, if you’re big on blow drying, this is the product for you! If you’re going to do it anyway, you may as well have built-in styling options to accompany the task. Generally though, I really like this brush. While I should have gone a size down, it’s still an incredibly innovative tool that is worth the money for an at-home, salon-level experience. My hair is in such a weird state right now, but once it grows out more, I can’t wait to use this tool to its highest potential. I also think a small barrel would allow for greater volume at the top of my head. The top does look a little flat. I still have yet to try the Revlon brush, but if you’re on a budget and can get the same results, I’d opt to try that one first.

For more on styling, click HERE to find out if you should use a flat iron or a heated brush for straight strands!

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