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Should You Wash Your Hair Less in the Winter? We Ask an Expert

Knowing how often to wash your hair can be a delicate process that requires solid knowledge of your hair type. Add in the potential chaos the winter months can inflict on your strands, and it’s a whole different ball game.

How often you should wash your hair is very dependent on your overall scalp health and hair porosity. If you have textured locks, washing less is already ideal so you don’t over-dry your coils and create unwanted frizz. That being said, we decided to also consult an expert. Co-founder and creative director of R + Co, Howard McLaren, was kind enough to give us his opinion. Read on below for what he had to share.

Mane Addicts: In your expert opinion, should we be washing our hair less during the winter?

Howard McLaren: This will definitely depend on each individual’s need of cleaning the scalp and their hair type.

MA: Can overwashing during the winter cause more breakage or damage? 

HM: If you are using a shampoo that will damage your hair in any way, throw it in the garbage. Shampoos have become so sophisticated that they should never damage the scalp or hair. At R+Co, we have created shampoos and conditioners that are created for a healthy scalp and hair so this should never be a concern. 

MA: Do you recommend co-washing instead during the winter months? If so, what are the best ones to use?

HM: Ask your stylist for the best recommendation for your hair needs as each of us has various conditions that need an expert opinion. As mentioned above, if you’re using a quality shampoo overwashing should not be an issue.

So there you have it, folks. If you’re concerned about any potential damage caused by your shampoo or conditioner, toss it. Although it shouldn’t be a concern, those with curls should stick to washing three times a week and following a trusty routine for best results.

Looking for other ways to keep your hair strong and healthy this winter? HERE’s how you can do so with almonds.

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