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YouTuber, blogger, artist, author, and hair whiz, Yolanda Renee, is a queen of all trades for sure. The Maryland-based beauty and lifestyle blogger made her mark in the natural hair scene back in 2013 and has sparked a cult following for her incredible hair hacks ever since.

Yolanda Renee8

Her videos aren’t just about cute hairstyles, either—Yolanda also gives her viewers loads of info on how to treat and assess their hair. Basically, Hair Ed 101.

Yolanda Renee10

An inspiration to many naturalistas, fashionistas, and creatives, Yolanda is also an icon for mommy blogging. Some of her most popular videos star her adorable daughters, in which she features hair tutorials for little ones.

yolanda renee's daughters bloggers we love 2

Her natural hair coloring book, called Curlies Color, Too, inspires little naturalistas to embrace their curls and schools parents on how to style them. 

Yolanda Renee bloggers we love products

 Yolanda’s Instagram is product junkie heaven! She constantly keeps her followers updated on the latest hair goodies and what brands she is into.

Get to know the hair goddess by following her @etcblogmag or binge-watching her YouTube vids.

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