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This Is the Best Time to Cut Your Hair According to the Pros

Fact: The fastest way to ferociously fit hair is a haircut and, lest we forget, conditioning! But all the leave-in treatments in the world won’t resuscitate raisin-dry strands and jumpstart lush-garden growth when your ends are done for. Doing away with dead ends does more for your mane than you think—trust us. But when’s the best time for a trim? Ahead, three hairstylists from LA’s hottest salons speak on the haircut tips you need to follow.

When’s the perfect time for a haircut?

“Summer time is usually when hair grows the fastest,” says hairstylist Nicolas Flores from Sally Hershberger LA, “so I push a major haircut right at the start of summer and let it grow for the next few months. I always recommend a haircut before a major color change up, or a routine maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Typically you want to get your haircut before highlighting your hair. I always prefer a client to get a cut right before a highlight so we don’t cut off all your new color, unless it is a base color which really doesn’t matter as long as you are following your maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks for healthy locks.”
Alessandra Saman from MèCHE Salon says, “I always tell my clients to book in when their hair starts feeling draggy, heavy, dull—lifeless! That means it’s time to book in and get the body and bounce back again!”

Nine Zero One Salon’s Anthony Holguin tells us, “The perfect time for a cut, ideally for me, is after the color, because if you lighten the hair there are most likely some ends that need to be trimmed. I also prefer cutting after color because I like to see what the color is, then get inspired to do a cut that compliments the color. But a lot of the times I will trim before then detail the haircut after color.”

How many times per year should a person get a haircut if they want super healthy hair?

To control split ends, Anthony explains, “You should be getting a cut usually every three months, which is about four times a year. This way you can prevent split ends from splitting and manage a healthy mane. No matter what, our hair goes through some sh*t and needs a clean up more often than we expect. Especially if you’re addicted to going blonde and if you’re a stylist addict.”

Alessandra adds, “It all depends on your hair texture. Fine hair needs more lovin’ so it’s a good idea to get a trim every 3-4 weeks to keep nice healthy blunt ends. I also recommend for extension girls to always book a trim on your own hair before putting extensions back in.”

Why is it bad to not get routine trims?

Alessandra says, “Regular haircuts are good because it keeps the dry ends away for a healthy, shiny look!”
Thought routine trims were a waste of time? Think again. Anthony tells us, People have the impression that not cutting your hair is going to make your hair grow so long and beautiful. WRONG! If you just let your hair keep growing without getting trims, you hair is naturally going to produce split ends from brushing, flat ironing, and even blow drying. It’s bad to not keep up with a good haircut. Especially if you’re rocking a cute lob, you want it looking fresh. There’s nothing worse than having an outgrown haircut and split ends!”

Do you recommend DIY trims?

If you’re the ultimate DIY person, Nicolas suggests, “Try out a hair mask and save the cutting for your stylist.”

Alessandra advises, “As far as face frame layers or ends, book with your stylist! If you’re doing a DIY on your ends it sometimes causes a point to develop in the back. So when you go to your stylist, we usually have to remove it to even it out, which makes it feel like you have shorter hair. So just book in with your stylist!”

“I do not recommend DIY trims. We are professionals in this business for a reason. We know what we are doing. I’ve seen a lot of my clients do some DIY trims that have ended up with longer sides, shattered ends and, save the best for last…BANGS!!” Anthony says.

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