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Why I Have No Regrets About Getting a Haircut That Was Way Too Short

Prior to this recent time, the last era I can recall having unnecessarily short hair was in 2010. I had helmet hair, for lack of a better term, and when I look back on photos from those days, I cringe. But, I knew nothing about style back then (and apparently neither did the person who cut my hair).

girl holds hair shears
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Fast forward to 2017, I finally found a hairstylist I trusted, and who had actually done well with my unruly locks over the last few years. On one day, in particular, he suggested that I give myself less of a trim and more of a cut. At this point, my hair had been medium-length for a while now, and the likes of Khloé Kardashian had put that edgy lob on the map. My stylist encouraged me to give it a go. We didn’t go overboard, and I walked out of the salon with a sleek new ‘do.

Following an array of compliments, I came back for more. Suddenly, the girl who never envisioned herself with short hair ever again wanted to hit the chopping block more than ever. As my stylist began to slowly trim, I kept telling him more. He insisted I was going too short, and reminded me that my hair was wet and it would end up looking even shorter once dry. I didn’t care. I wouldn’t take no for an answer. When we finally finished up—blowout and all—my hair was just below the ear, and I was totally fine with it.

When I finally debuted the new ‘do, reviews were mixed. Some people praised me for making a bold move, while others admitted off the bat that they preferred the lob. Either way, I was still completely content with this fresh look… until a year passed. I looked back on photos of myself and thought wow—especially during the growing out phase. It was then that I realized I went too short.

That said, I actually have zero regrets about doing it. You only live once, and it was something I wanted to do at the time. And I genuinely liked it throughout. Additionally, it’s made me appreciate my long hair all the much more. I think I took it for granted in the past. Now, I get excited about little things, like being able to throw it up in a bun without looking like I have a mullet. And now I know what not to do. I plan to leave my hair long for now. I still have a ways to go.

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