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7 Ornaments Every Hairdresser Needs on Their Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favorite parts of the holidays. Adding all those ornaments and lights is always a joyful experience. Truthfully, you can never have too many ornaments. And if you happen to be a hairstylist, we have a few decorations for you to add to your Xmas tree. Scroll below for the best hairdresser ornaments to hook onto your tree this holiday season!

Hairstylist Chair Christmas Ornament: $16.99

This adorable hairdresser ornament will standout on any Christmas tree. You can even personalize it with your name if you feel so obliged.

Personalized Hair Stylist Chair Christmas Ornament

(via Ornament Shop)

Hair Dryer Ornament: $12

Who wouldn’t want a pink hair dryer adorning their Christmas tree? We’d fill an entire tree with only these ornaments if we could. Actually, that’s not a bad idea for your salon’s Xmas tree.

Hair Dryer Ornament

(via Francesca’s)

Scissors and Combs Snowflake Ornament: $14.99

We’re totally obsessed with the creativity of this ornament. The more we look at it, the more we love it.

Scissors and Combs Snowflake Ornament

(via Etsy)

Cutting Shears and Comb Hairdresser Ornament: $7

If the snowflake is a little too much for you, this classic shears and comb combo is right up your alley. Silver and black is a great color duo that likely won’t clash with any other ornaments you add to your Christmas tree.

Cutting Shears and Comb Hairdresser Ornament

(via Bed Bath and Beyond)

‘I Give the Best Blow Jobs’ Hairdresser Ornament: $14.35

Laughter is the best medicine, and this ornament will surely cure everyone this holiday season. And, it’s totally true. Hairdressers do give the best blow jobs.

'I Give the Best Blow Jobs' Hairdresser Ornament

(via Etsy)

Hairspray Can Ornament: $12

What is a hairstylist without their trusty can of hairspray? Don’t forget to spritz some on your tree this year.

Hairspray Can Ornament

(via Francesca’s)

Personalized Hairdresser Christmas Ornament: $16.99

Ever had the desire to turn yourself into an ornament? Now is the time.

Personalized Hairdresser Christmas Ornament

(via Ornament Shop)

Not sure what to gift your hairstylist this holiday season? We have a few ideas. Shop our hairstylist holiday gift guide HERE!

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