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Will Hairdressers Lose Clients Due to Backed-Up Hair Appointments, Post-Quarantine? An Expert Weighs In

The hair industry has been in disarray since most of the country was quarantined in mid-March. But now, months later, as salons and their employees prepare to slowly revive their businesses, there’s a lot to consider about the process.

With backed-up appointments due to at least two months of social distancing, along with new rules in place for hours of operation and persons allowed in an establishment, should hairdressers expect to lose clients (at least temporarily) out of desperation for immediate service?

“I don’t necessarily expect to lose clients, but I’m preparing for it just in case,” Sarah Klein, of celeb favorite Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood, tells Mane Addicts. “However, I’m currently experiencing my clients being very understanding and patient knowing how crazy these times are. I think what’s happening while we’re staying home is split between some clients feeling really desperate to get their hair done and some clients realizing they can go longer in between appointments than they thought!”

Given the circumstances of why she and other in-demand hairstylists have been out of work, Sarah is confident clients will be loyal.

“I’m willing to refer them elsewhere, but know that wherever I refer them will probably also be backed-up,” she says. “So I’m really thinking and hoping that as we get back to work, most people will understand the high demand of all hairstylists and be willing to work with it.”  

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