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Calling All Cool Kids, This NYC ‘Un-Salon’ Has Your Name on It

Nestled in midtown NYC close to Herald Square is a little slice of salon heaven: Hairroin salon. Founded by celebrity hair stylist Janine Jarman, who you might just recognize from a little show called Shear Genius, Hairroin Salon is founded on the ideology of being an “un-salon.” As Janine puts it, “un-salon is the concept that you can get high end hair with out the high end attitude. We want Hairroin to be a place anyone can feel comfortable coming to. We put our clients first and are dedicated to providing personalized attention to the fashion forward and service-oriented client via absolute mastery of hair art and all its intricacies.” 

Janine Jarman owner Hairroin salon NYC hair salon

In case the cool decor or the badass attitude of Hairroin’s talented mane masters isn’t enough to get the “un-salon” point across, their motto surely will. “Don’t suck.” Plain and simple, and it’s even their wifi login–so make sure you check any attitude at the door.  

The interior of the Hairroin salon is just as refreshing as it’s unique un-salon POV. Hairroin embodies a moody, modern-Victorian, apothecary feel, featuring thick black frame mirrors, exposed ceilings, and dramatic, gothic chandeliers. It’s no surprise this place is home to some of the industry’s most talented stylists, and carries topnotch brands like Bumble and Bumble.

Outside Hairroin salon NYC

Hairroin Salon Interior

And when it comes to the hair they turn out, they do it all. “We are not departmentalized and are always challenging our selves to grow.  From the hardest of color corrections, to seamless balayage, punky colors, extensions and perms, tailored mens cuts and classic lady cuts, we’ve got you covered.”

Inside Hairroin Salon NYC hair salon

Hairroin Salon NYC hair stations

So, how does one snag a station at this sought after spot? They have an open call for stylists and colorists. If you’re lucky to make it past that, two interviews with their education director and manager follow. And if you’re still standing? A practical exam of three cuts, three styles, and four different color applications. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but Janine feels it’s the secret sauce to Hairroin’s bi-coastal success. “We are protective of the team we have built and I want to find stylists that are going to help enrich our work environment both in skill set and attitude.”

Interior photo Hairroin salon NYC

Janine opened the first Hairroin salon in Los Angeles in 2005, and after 12 years in the business, she’s learned a lot. Her advice:

  1. Slow down. I opened when I was 24 and thought I had to do every idea right away as fast as we could, or it could just all go away. 
  2. There is always great opportunity in failed attempts, seriously that is where I have found my road map and guts to make hard decisions. 
  3. Know who you are and what you stand for. Stick to it. This is also how you find like minded team members and without my team, Hairroin is just a clever name. I’m am fortunate enough to work with people smarter and more talented than myself. 

So, if you’re looking for a laid-back salon who can knock out a killer cut or get you that perfect shade of red, make sure to stop by Hairroin salon at 1333 Broadway, New York, NY 10018, and tell them Mane Addicts sent you!

What do you think of the “un-salon” concept? Let us know below!

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