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5 Hairstyles Perfect for Your Heart-Shaped Face

Each face shape aligns with a unique set of hairstyles that complement its appearance. When it comes to the heart-shaped face, they’re at a greater advantage than most. Not only are they considered the most beautiful face shape in general, but the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces are vast.

Some of the biggest, most beautiful stars in Hollywood boast this coveted bone structure. So if you’re still in the dark about how to style your heart-shaped face, let these A-listers’ looks below be your guide!

Side-Part Ponytail

Parted ponies have been made wildly popular by pretty much every member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Side-parted ponies, however, are a bit trickier to pull off. As evidenced by Lily Collins below, the heart-shaped face does this look justice. It evokes elegance and sophistication with very minimal effort. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly flattering to the face shape.

Voluminous Side-Part

Sensing a theme here? Yep, despite what naysayers contribute to this discussion, the side-part is still very much a vibe for heart-shaped faces. Reese Witherspoon, quite possibly the poster girl for this shape, rocks the side-part effortlessly, adding some flair with her amplified combover.

Traditional Side-Part

Given the aforementioned looks, the list of best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces isn’t complete without your standard side part. Worn with minimal waves (a la Gwyneth below), or simply straight, this traditional style adds some sophistication to your otherwise everyday ‘do.

Slicked-Back Bob

Scarlett Johansson has made every hairstyle look chic, but she was one of the first to rock several variations of a very short ‘do. Slicked-back bobs aren’t for everyone, but as seen right here, the heart-shaped face can knock it out of the park. And we totally didn’t plan this, but spot that side part again?

Wavy Middle Part

While heart-shaped faces are known to rock side parts best, they certainly don’t slack with a traditional middle part. Add some tousled waves for a look that really brings out your features and puts the focus on your pretty face.

For more on complementing your natural-born features, HERE are the best bangs for your face shape!

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