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8 Hairstyles Inspired By Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

When Taylor Swift surprise dropped Folklore, it gave us all the feels. This album saw her returning to her roots with lush acoustic guitars, oh-so-relatable lyrics, and an ethereal atmosphere that gave us more than our fair share of artistic hair inspo. From rancher hats and floral accessories to loose curls and headpieces, we’ve rounded up all the stunning hairstyles that gave us major Folklore vibes below.

1. Rancher Hat With Braids

Did you really listen to Folklore if you don’t want to stroll through the woods in a rancher hat? Top off long, chic braids with one of these bad boys and you’ll be radiating that woodsy attitude.

2. Hair Vine With White Moon Pearls

Taking your tresses to the level of a woodland goddess is easy when you add a hair vine. Weave this through a braid or half updo for a simple yet breathtaking look. This style was also perfectly made for a wedding in the wild.

3. Floral Wreath-Wrapped Bun

Add drama to your Folklore-esque bun with a full wreath. Nothing says “last great American dynasty” more than hair with some flair.

4. Boho Bun With a Headpiece

If you’re looking to sport Taylor’s look in the “Cardigan” music video, this boho bun is the move. Adding a leafy headpiece to the mix also gives it a relaxed, free-spirited characteristic. Take it one step further by pulling a few strands out in the front and lightly curling them. 

5. Five Strand Braided Updo

A braided bun is already elegant, but adding floral accents will entirely up the folk factor. This look is perfect for those with ombre-colored hair. Choosing flowers that complement your specific hue is also a must.

6. Triple Bow Ponytail 

Turn your standard pony into a folk-style fantasy with bows in earthy shades. Rustic browns, off-white, and forest green will definitely do the trick.

7. Constellation Crown Braid

This star-studded piece reminded us of the beautiful and cozy cardigan being sold as part of the album’s merchandise. The crown also comes with moldable wire you can use to really create a magically exclusive style.

8. Loose Natural Curls

We really appreciate that Taylor quite literally went back to her roots in terms of sporting her natural curls in the photos of the artwork this time around. There’s just something about loose, natural coils that really speaks to our souls. We’d say this look is the easiest to achieve and still exudes a strong T-Swift aura.

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