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5 Hairstyles to Make You Instantly Look More Youthful

Age is nothing but a number—and thanks to the emergence of TikTok, for example, that saying holds true now more than ever. There are so many trendy hairstyles that make you look younger in seconds, and they’re actually really stylish. Anyone who watches TikTok or follows tastemakers is well-aware that times have changed, and a teen’s aesthetic in today’s era differs immensely from when other generations were young. Thanks to these trendsetters leading the way, we’ve learned it’s extremely easy to knock a few years off your age, with the help of a couple of hair accessories or hair ties. Keep reading for five hairstyles to play with if you want to instantly look more youthful.

1. Space Buns

If North West wears it, you know it’s a look. The trendsetting tot is just one of many to rock this super cool ‘do. Whether worn on two half-up sides or just one bun atop the center of your head, it can appear as quite the time-consuming production—but all it takes is a little braiding and wrapping into a hair tie, and your pro-level hairdo is complete.

2. Statement Accessories

When it comes to hairstyles that make you look younger, statement accessories are a way to make it happen without compromising the initial look you wanted to achieve. All it takes is an embellished barrette and a colorful or printed scrunchie and you can upgrade any style from drab to fab.

3. Half-Up Pigtails

This look was always the “cooler” way of wearing traditional pigtails, and in today’s era, they’re just cool, period. Style with a headband, a clip, or wear as is, this look will get you plenty of stares in approval. Kim Kardashian West is 40, and doesn’t she look adorable rockin’ this youthful ‘do? The ’90s are back in a big way, so time to embrace those Spice Girls vibes.

4. Traditional Pigtails

Pigtails are no longer associated with glasses and headgear. This once-dated hairstyle has been elevated in major ways, thanks to some seriously stylish youths. Style the dual-sectioned ‘do with printed scrunchies or curled front pieces for some added flair.

5. Middle Part

This style sounds too easy to be true—but the middle part is the one known standout hair trend that’s guaranteed to imply you’re on the younger side. Yes, the great part debate has caused quite a stir. While we’re not totally anti-side part (it’s all about how you wear it), we’ll agree that wearing it down the middle can often be sleeker and more complementary to the face shape (especially if you have thin strands).

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