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7 Hairstyles Only a Boss Babe Capricorn Can Pull Off

In true Capricorn fashion, I take this time of year very seriously. Everyone knows that Caps are the hardest working sign in the zodiac, so I figured it was more than appropriate to dig up some ‘dos only a true boss babe could pull off to celebrate the season. 

Scroll through below for all the astro-inspired hair inspo you need if you’re a winter-born queen.

1. Almost Ariana High Ponytail

Pull it back and up with this “almost Ariana” high pony. Let a few strands peak out in the front for faux bangs or tie it up with an adorable scrunchie. Either way, it’s the perfect style for any Cap who can easily command a room.

2. Half-Up Half-Down High Ponytails

This stunning style looks best on all long-maned mountain goats. It’s unique, chic, and is a stylish nod to our determined, furry spirit animal.

3. Braid Crown & Ponytail

Caps are ambitious and go-getters by nature, so why would they settle for just one braid? A braid crown can be elegantly woven into multiple, smaller ponies on the bottom. It looks even better a bit tousled for a ruffled, yet classy executive vibe.

4. Buns & Braids

Textured hair queens, this one is for you. Space buns and braids are a style only a true leader could pull off. Adding embellishments like beads or earrings amps up the glamour tenfold.

5. Half-Up Half-Down Boho Braid

An ombre or balayage is complemented so well by this flowy, braided look. It looks magical for any special event or can be worn casually. Whatever occasion you decide to rock it on, you’ll for sure look like someone who can get the job done with ease.

6. XL High Bun

A high bun just screams head honcho, in my opinion. It can be worn messy or tight and obviously looks best on a Capricorn. I’m not biased.

7. Slicked Back

Slick it way back for the ultimate Capricorn feel. Although some might call Caps uptight, I would simply say poised, thank you very much. Nothing looks more so than gelling hair away from your face to highlight your oh-so-gorgeous features.

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