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Thanksgiving Hair: 5 Hairstyles Perfect for in the Kitchen

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to make sure we had all the cooks covered.  Just because you’re slaving away in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it.  We’ve rounded up our 5 favorite styles that will take you from kneading pie dough to mingling at the dinner table in no time.

1. The Twisted Chignon

Hair in the kitchen means something pulled away from the face.  We love how sleek this look is, no need to worry about sweating while being around a hot oven.  Simply use a fine tooth comb sprayed with hairspray to gather all your hair at the nape of your neck.  Use an elastic to secure, then separate the remaining hair into two sections.  Weave the two pieces together and then secure with french of bobby pins (just remember the right way to use a bobby!).


2. Braided Updo

Take a cue from Julianna Hough with this simple braided hairstyle.  Simply take a deep side part and begin a french braid at the parting, wrapping around the head as you add more hair.  Once you are finished, secure with an elastic, tuck the ends in and pin into place.  Mist with hairspray or texture spray and you’ve got a look that will only get better as the strands loosen in the kitchen.


3. The Topknot

So easy to do, yet it’s the placement that makes it look so chic.  To get a really great topknot you want it to be at the top of your head.  To do this, turn your head upside down and brush everything forward towards your forehead.  To get better hold, spray your brush with hairspray before brushing.  Once you have gathered everything forward, flip your head back up, secure with an elastic and twist and wrap the hair any way you like.  Pin into place with french pins and mist with hairspray to finish.


4. The High Pony

Again, it’s the height in this pony that makes it look so great.  Start by flat ironing your hair so each strand has the same texture.  Then use a fine tooth comb misted with hairspray to gather hair at the top of your crown.  Secure with an elastic, then take a small strand from underneath the pony and spray liberally with hairspray, then smooth with your fingers.  Wrap the strand around the base to hide the elastic, then use your flat iron to set it into place, securing with bobby pins.


5. The Low Chignon

A staple hairstyle for any occasion, all you need to do is gather all your hair loosely towards the nape of the neck.  Use a thicker elastic to secure, then wrap and twist the ends and use french pins to finish.  Don’t be afraid of letting a few strands fall out, as it’s the undone texture that makes it look so great.  When you’re done in the kitchen, just pop on some lipstick and earrings and you’re ready for family portraits!



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