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WHAT TO BUY: Gifts for the Hairstylist in Your Life

Tis the season for giving and gifting. Finding the perfect present for a friend can be a little tough, but not if you know what they’re really into. If you have a hairstylist or simply just a mane addict (you see what we did there) in your life, look no further because we have got some stellar gift ideas for you!


Donald Scott’s Carving Comb Wide

Donald Scott Carving Comb

Cutting hair will never be the same again! Designed by Donald Scott, the hair artist’s hair artist, this patented 7-blade razor tool gives artists free form precision by combining complete control with spontaneous creativity. Perfect for creating new shapes, texture and movement for thicker and curly hair types, wet or dry.Donald Scott NYC is offering free shipping for the month of December! ($34.95, Donald Scott NYC)

Kim Kimble Professional Hot Razor

Kim Kimble Professional Hot Razor

Get your hair junkie pal a hot new item…literally! Kim Kimble’s Professional Hot Razor is great for preventing pesky split ends. The easy to handle tool cuts through hair effortlessly while the heated blade seals the ends. ($50.00, Kim Kimble)

YS Park 650 Double Tint Comb

YS Parks Double Comb

This  self-standing comb is super  durable and flexible. Its design prevents coloring agents and other chemicals from getting all over the place, which means it’s great for streaking hair. ($12, YS Park)

Olivia Garden Brush

Olivia Garden Gold Brush

This popular brush has been quite the fave among the professionals. It’s lightweight, durable, and give artists complete control no matter the hair length or texture. Plus, this bamboo brush is eco-friendly.  ($21.95, Ulta)


Hair: Fashion and Fantasy by Laurent Philippon

Hair Fashion and Fantasy

This photo book by author and celebrated hairstylist Laurent Philippon, features #manespiration from across the world. ($12.32, Amazon)

I Love My Hair: A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Dos by Andrea Pippins

I Love My Hair- A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Dos by Andrea Pippins

Because even adults love to color! This adorable grown-up coloring book celebrates all things hair. ($10.87, Amazon)

Afros –  A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael July

Afros -  A Celebration of Natural Hair by Michael July

Afros come in all shapes and sizes. This book is like a jar of natural hair eye candy. ($19.99, Amazon)


Foley + Corinna Mixed Snake Print Leather Top Handle 3-In-1 Cosmetic Case

Foley and Corinna Cosmetic Bag

Be a lifesaver this holiday by gifting your hair buddy this chic and convenient cosmetics case. Perfect for everyday on-the-go! ($75, Blue Fly)

Baxter of California Hair Essentials Kit

Baxter Hair Essentials Kit

Every hairstylist deserves some self-pampering. This essentials kit is perfect for the jet-setting stylist. ($59, Amazon)

Curly Girl Earrings

Curling Iron Earrings

We can all appreciate a cute and cheesy gift! How can anyone resist these adorable curler earrings? ($11.99, ModCloth)  

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