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Editorial Stylist Jimmy Paul Reveals He Almost Blew It Backstage in London

In our Don’t Blow It series, we ask the hair industry’s most-talented artists to reveal a time in their career where they in fact, almost totally blew it.

Up now: Editorial Stylist Jimmy Paul.

To say Jimmy Paul is major is an understatement. The man knows hair–and the proof is in the spot on looks he creates backstage at NYFW as the Key Stylist for Bumble and bumble at Self Portrait. With an enviable editorial resume that boasts big names like Italian Vogue, Calvin Klein campaigns, Steven Miesel, River Phoenix and Carolyn Murphy, it’s hard to imagine that Jimmy could have any blemishes on what looks like a picture perfect career.

Jimmy Paul Career Advice Backstage

Jimmy Paul Career Advice Editorial Stylist

(via Instagram)

But even the greats have their not-so-finest moments. Yes, even editorial extraordinaries like the Jimmy Paul have found themselves in moments of total panic and despair. Below, Jimmy shares his biggest backstage mistake that still gives him nightmares!

“I assisted Sam McKnight one time for the Vivienne Westwood show and I put the wrong product in this girls hair. She started freaking out and his assistant had to come and redo it.”

Okay–how bad could putting in the wrong product be? Well the plot thickens, “And they had to kind of use a wig because I messed her hair up so badly.”

Clearly, Jimmy is far past the days of mixing up products–so we tapped him for his advice to up-and-coming stylists who dream of keying shows and working on editorial campaigns.

Jimmy Paul Career Advice Backstage Self Portrait

“There is so much education out there now–YouTube videos and classes, with hairdressing you can never ever over learn. Never stop! Just do everything. And I hate to say this but if you really want to do this, you have to be in the right city–New York, Paris or London,  but that doesn’t mean you can’t be great in your town. Educational is key.”

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