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The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Widow’s Peak

A lot of you have messaged us on Instagram asking for a guide to hairstyles that suit a widow’s peak. Your wish was Mane Addicts’ command. Ahead, Schielah Magnolia from Headdress Salon in the East Village and Elizabeth Sustaita from 454 North Salon in West Hollywood share their advice on the most flattering hairstyles for a widow’s peak—whether you decide to embrace yours or not.

What Works

Schielah tells us a sleek, pulled back pony parted in the middle is a classic look that gives a widow’s peak balance. “If the widow’s peak already lays down softer with less of a cowlick, a fringe can be a great way to hide the peak if it’s something you don’t like living with.”

“With a widow’s peal you can style your hair every which way, but if you part it flipped over to one side then it can give you a nice little boost of volume. I think Sofia Richie is a great example to reference,” she adds.

As for coloring, Schielah says to make sure your colorist knows how to properly color your widow’s peak if you get highlights. It’s front and center so you want to make sure it’s blended into the rest of the hair.

Elizabeth notes, “Widow’s peaks are really cool and can look good in about every which way it’s cut in length, shape, bangs or no bangs. Embrace it! And if you just can’t, cut a side-swept bang or even bangs that fall forward. Some hairlines are more defined than others and come in all shapes. I say have fun with your widow’s peak and embrace it.”

What Doesn’t Work

If the widow’s peak has an aggressive cowlick, then I would avoid cutting a strong fringe, though it is possible to have your hairdresser properly cut it off so that the fringe lays softly, says Schielah.

The only time forward-falling fringe could prove to be a problem, Elizabeth notes, is if you have a really intense hair pattern that won’t allow your bangs to fall forward. If that’s the case, avoid that and try a side-swept bang instead.

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