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Update Your Half Topknot With This Chic Pompadour

We’re always looking for ways to up the anti our our go-to hairstyles. And while a messy, half topknot is a weekend favorite, sometimes we want something that feels a little bit… extra. The solution? The undeniably chic half pompadours that key stylist Jimmy Paul created with Bumble and bumle for Self Portrait’s spring 2018 runway show.

The half pompadour inspiration is equal parts angry and effortless. Jimmy tells us, “it’s a two-second change up after work. I really love women and are inspired by them – the idea of a girl being out or working all day, then in two seconds you just do a twist, jam body pins into days-old hair and go without care. She’s mad, pissed-off, and meeting someone after a bad phone call. That’s my fantasy for this look. Not precious.”

Half Pompador How to Self Portrait spring 2018

We’re obsessed with this new take on the pompadour, and fully expect to recreate the look on our own very soon. Below, Jimmy’s step-by-step guide on how he created the look.

Half Pompadour How To:

1. Prep hair with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil UV Protective Primer until hair is shiny and slightly damp.

2. Add an undone pompadour by twisting the small top section of hair with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil and folding it over.

3. Hold the look together with bobby pins. For girls with short or curly hair, leave hair to fall naturally.  

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