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Halloween Costumes for Blondes That Aren’t the Slightest Bit Basic

The limit does not exist when it comes to Halloween costumes for blondes, so why does every blonde dress up like Regina George, Tinker Bell, Marilyn Monroe, Sandy? Honestly, the list goes on. For all our blondes out there who want to stand out in a sea of yellow, we rounded up some not-at-all-basic Halloween costumes you can easily create this year. And there’s a very good chance no other blonde will be in the same getup as you!

Veronica Mars

An unsung TV protagonist of the early 2000s, Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars is perfect for the blonde that’s basically a full-time detective. Well, at least when it comes to IG stalking your friend’s latest love interest. It’s also very likely you already have everything you need for this costume hanging in your closet.

Helga From Hey Arnold

Sure, this could be a couple’s costume with your partner dressed as Arnold, but we think Helga can stand on her own. Lest we forget to mention the serotonin you’d get from the nostalgia of it all.

Terra From Teen Titans

This anti-hero exudes definite Gemini energy. If you happen to be a blonde Gemini, don’t pass up this heroic costume.

Dee Dee From Dexter’s Laboratory

Throw your hair in pigtails, toss on a pink dress, wear some ballet slippers, and you’re good to go. Who needs a Dexter?


Yes, mermaids are an overrated Halloween costume, but not when it comes to Aquamarine. The 2006 film is highly underrated and deserves more attention, even if that comes in the form of a costume. So add some blue streaks to your hair and be the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be.

Debbie From The Wild Thornberrys

Who could forget Debbie from this Nickelodeon cartoon? She was the moody grunge icon we all grew up to be anyway, so might as well dress up as her for Halloween.

Kim Petras

While everyone opts for Christina or Britney this Halloween, dare to be the true princess of pop—woo-ah!

Angelica From Rugrats

Can we say something brave yet controversial? Angelica Pickles ran so that the Boss Baby could walk. If you’re looking for an excuse to be bossy all night, Angelica is your ticket.


Forget Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman is the only spider-person we recognize. We’re here to gaslight, gatekeep, and girlboss.

Morton Salt Girl

Feeling salty? This costume is calling your name. And if you already own a yellow dress and a blue umbrella, even better.

Leslie Knope

We need more Leslie Knope’s in the world, especially on Halloween.


For those sporting a pixie cut, why not go as the icon, Twiggy?

Billie Eilish

We know we said there wouldn’t be super popular blonde Halloween costumes on this list, but we had to include Billie. Her blonde ‘do really took the world by storm. Do that with your wolf cut this Halloween.

Sabrina Spellman

We’re specifically thinking of the Sabrina from the most recent Netflix series, though really any version of the teenage witch would work.

The White Queen From Alice in Wonderland

Dressing up like royalty doesn’t mean you’re stuck choosing between Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Let your bleach blonde tresses flow as the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

Have a friend with a black bob haircut that has no idea what to be for Halloween? We’re hair to help. HERE are the best Halloween costumes for those with black bobs!

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