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13 Halloween Costumes Perfect for Any Hairstylist

Halloween will be here before you know it, so we wanted to share some of the best Halloween costumes for hairstylists we found around the internet.

Not only are these costumes all sorts of creative, but they’re also relatively easy for any hairstylist to recreate or even purchase. Keep scrolling to find the perfect costume for you!

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is arguably one of the most well-known “hairstylists” around. This costume never goes out of style, so you can find it online anywhere. Or, you can attempt to recreate it yourself with the tools you already own.

Beauty School Dropouts

Another pop culture reference, this one comes to us from the movie musical Grease. Be the beauty school dropout you never got to be this Halloween. And if you were one, at least you can take this time to poke a little fun at yourself.

Your Favorite Product

Have a favorite product you can’t stop raving about? Embody it for Halloween. Become what you love for the occasion.

Moroccanoil Gift Bags

Perhaps you’re a fan of everything Moroccanoil makes? Grab an orange tutu and plenty of tissue paper to turn yourself into one of their colorful gift bags.

Pulp Riot Hair Colors

This creative batch of stylists dressed up as various Pulp Riot hues. Honestly, it’s genius. And a really fun way to get everyone at your salon in the Halloween spirit.

Every Hairdressers’ Worst Nightmare

Go a little bit creepy this year by dressing as every stylists’ worst nightmare—black box dye. This costume will require some craft, though we don’t doubt you have plenty of it.

Nightmare at the Shampoo Bowl

We did not come up with the name for this costume, but rather lifted it from the caption on this post. Not only is this costume an easy one to pull off, but it’s also incredibly clever and fun.

The ‘I Told You to Stop Moving Your Head’

Let this be a lesson to all those clients who won’t heed your warning. They’ll end up looking like this if they can’t sit still.

Attacked by an Angry Customer

We love costumes that require little to no effort. Getting the eye makeup right may take a minute or two, but once you’ve done it, you’ve got your costume right there on your face.

Psycho Hairstylist

Give your clients quite the fright with this costume. They may never recover after seeing you clutching a severed mannequin head, which could work in your favor.

Long Day at the Salon

This is probably what you already look like after an incredibly long day, so really not much of a costume here… only kidding.

Zombie Hairstylists

Throw on some zombie makeup in addition to what you usually wear to the salon and you’re basically all set with this costume.

A Literal Hairdresser

We think this costume is rather punny. Okay, bad jokes aside, this is a cute idea for any hairdresser out there. Simply find a way to make a dresser, then attach all your hairstyling tools and you’re good to go.

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