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Halloween Hairstyles So Good You Don’t Need a Costume

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is right around the corner, but before you frantically raid your local party store looking for a last minute costume, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween hair looks that are so good that you won’t even need a costume.

Yep, you read that right. Costumes be gone! From unicorn hair to flower crown filters, keep reading to see how Mane Addicts all across Instagram have transformed their everyday locks into Halloween hair looks that will be sure to win you best tressed at this year’s Halloween party.

1. Flower Crown Filter, @nyane

For everyone’s favorite Snapchat filter IRL, take a note from Nyane’s double buns with floral pieces placed throughout for your Halloween hair costume. You’ll even be able to caption your Instagram from the night “#nofilter.”

A post shared by Nyané Lebajoa (@nyane) on

2. Devil Horns, @niophlex.rus

Forget the typical red plastic devil horns this Halloween and instead, style your hair into two upside down cone-like shapes to achieve a devilish look.

A post shared by #niophlexrus (@niophlex.rus) on

3. Unicorn Curls, @_chasteen__

We’re all familiar with the unicorn hair trend that ruled festival season and our Instagram feeds earlier this year, so why not bring it back in time for Halloween? The dimension and texture of Chasteen’s natural curls shows an array of the most majestic pastel colors.


A post shared by Beth Chasteen (@_chasteen__) on

4. Rapunzel, @alliedoeshair

Have you been longing for longer hair? Halloween is the perfect time to try out styles you may be otherwise too nervous to try, so why not go big (or in this case, long) and channel Rapunzel with an ankle-length mane using temporary extensions. But before you get extensions, find out everything you need to know about adding faux hair pieces here.

5. Space Buns, @chimeedwards

For a simple look that is still out of this world, try double space buns. You can add metallic hair accessories like Chime Edwards did here or even add a touch of glitter hair paint to the center part.

6. A Spider Bun, @craftycurlsco

For a look that is kid and adult friendly, a spider bun is both simple and fun. Simply pull the hair into a bun at the top of the head and leaving the shaft of the hair out of the bun to then braid into “spider legs.” Use hair gel to attach googly eyes like you see here.

A post shared by Crafty Curls Co (@craftycurlsco) on

7. Maleficent, @tatianakarelinaofficial

Tatiana Karelina’s Instagram page is a braid extensions wonderland and for this Halloween hair look, she used multiple clip in braids to add dimension and height to this Maleficent-inspired look.

8. Pumpkin Hair, @tay_hair_styles

Whether you have a long pony tail naturally or plan to create one for Halloween, you can recreate this look by simply sectioning off parts of the pony tail, use the end of a comb to create depth and use orange hair chalk or temporary hair pant to color each section orange to resemble  a pumpkin.

9. Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, @braidaid

For all of the G.O.T lovers out there, you can channel your inner Khaleesi this Halloween with braids like the ones done by @braidaid. Find out how to create waterfall braids here.

A post shared by Gen Brady (@braidaid) on

10. Mermaid, @lily_antoniette_pro

A different take on Mermaid hair uses your natural hair color, big, voluminous curls and a whimsical headpiece inspired by the ocean floor. Extra points go to the mermaid who decides to add temporary pastel color to their hair.

11. Unicorn, @diablorose

Your friends might start to think unicorns are real if you rock a this monochromatic unicorn hair look like Diablo Rose’s, the pastel pink bouffant with long, curled tendrils and unicorn horn is majestic AF.

A post shared by Diablo Rose (@diablorose) on

12. Bow Hair, @hair_pavlova

If you want to forego a costume all together, you can tell everyone you’re a bow tie when you recreate this braided bow hair look.

13. Princess, @jessicapettway

Who says all princesses wear crowns? Whether you rock box braids, curly, straight, short or long hair, take a note from Jessica Pettway’s princess-inspired look and show just how royal you are with a bedazzled hair accessory.

A post shared by Jessica P. (@jessicapettway) on

If your idea of being festive for Halloween is to stock up on all of the pumpkin scented items that you can find, CLICK HERE to see our list of the most delicious pumpkin-scented hair products.

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