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How to Dress Like Stevie Nicks For Halloween

If there ever was a woman to wow us COMPLETELY, we’d put all stops on Stevie Nicks.  Over the top accents compliment her subtle demeanor perfectly, contrasting her piercing (Queen of Rock and Roll) voice.  While you might not have the pipes to belt the perfect Rhiannon pitch, we have the tools and accessories to get you looking like you do.


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The Hair

  1. Prep hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.
  2. Crimp hair with a TIGI Crimper starting at the root and working your way.
  3. Use the Dry Texturizing Spray once again for added grit and volume.

The Hat

  1. Run to your nearest Party Store or Craft  Store for a selection of tall top hats, ostrich feathers, hot glue, velvet, and whatever else your mind can dream up.
  2. Hot glue feathers into the inside band of the hat.

If you don’t have time to buy a hat you can always resort to the homemade sort, or grab a a wide brim hat from your closet!


11 glitter hairsprays you need to try for Halloween!


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