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Still stuck in a rut looking for the perfect costume? This Halloween let your mane do the talking! We chatted with editorial stylist Raquel Martuscelli for some holiday #manespiration straight from her favorite shoots. Take a look below for an array of fun and theatrical styles perfect for the season…


Retro Housewife Costume
Makeup by Marissa Jade Willinsky Styling by Brandon Olsen

For the woman who “is tired of her husband who never comes home,” says Raquel. For platinum locks, DIY the pink color, then put hair in rollers. Bonus: You’ll have an excuse to have a glass of wine all evening.


Ice Queen Hair by Raquel Martuscelli
Styling by Omar Alexander
Photo by Jesse Untracht-Oakner Makeup by Isaac Olaizola

“For this cloud effect hair make sure to use a white temporary hair color gel on hairline (you can find this at Ricky’s),” explains Raquel. “I then teased frizzy synthetic hair extensions and pinned into shape adding a detail braid separately. Embellish with a crown.”


Dead Royal Costume Idea
Makeup by Marissa jade Willinsky Styling by Brandon Olsen

For a frightening Renaissance royal, pair a coiffed silver wig with bleached out brows (use foundation if you’re scared!).


Jungle Hair

 “Try crimping hair section by section and finish with Shape Paste by Shu Uemura to define the crimped texture and secure in a high pony.” Cover yourself in shrubbery and you’re a walking jungle safari.


Princess hair by Raquel Martuscelli

Skip the cheesy dress and adorn yourself in headpieces and sparkling jewels. Slick your hair into a sleek chignon and start looking for Prince Charming!


Lion Hair Halloween Costume

To style, Raquel suggests you “set hair on hot rollers, then brush and backcomb. Attach a matching fall hair piece at crown for fullness. Then just brush hair over fall and spray.” Put foundation over your eyebrows and dress in your favorite nude attire for a fun and sexy lioness costume.

Which one of Raquel’s looks was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!!

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