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15 Easy Halloween Hairstyles and How To Get Them

Halloween is officially here! Do you disagree? Just ask the internet and the plethora of #CodeOrange content already making the rounds. With our fave spooky holiday just around the corner, it’s time to start gathering Halloween hair ideas and planning our Halloween hairstyles. If you’re searching for something easy to do with your mane this Halloween, or even the perfect coif to compliment your costume, then read on. Below are 15 easy Halloween hair looks and how to get them!

Classic Orange and Black

Halloween lovers and Hallo-Queen’s will appreciate this look. A classic orange and black block color is perfect for showing off just how much you adore this time of year. While this look requires a bit of commitment and a color appointment, if you’re Halloween-obsessed, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

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Stay away from highlights when going for this Halloween hairstyle. Big blocks of expertly placed orange and black are what make this hair color look good and stand out.

Manic Panic’s Psychedelic Sunset Semi-Permanent Color

$13.99 on ManicPanic.com

The perfect orange can be hard to come by, but if you’re trying this look at home, reach for Manic Panic’s Psychedelic Sunset. This super orange, semi-permanent dye produces one of the most beautiful true orange tones we’ve ever seen.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye from Manic Panic in the color "Psychedelic Sunset."
(Image Source: ManicPanic.com)

Hellraiser Braids

These Pinhead-inspired braids will have “such sights to show you!” This easy Halloween hairstyle is cool enough on its own, no costume required.

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Like most braided looks, you are going to need a good finishing spray and small rubber bands. But for this Halloween hair costume? You’re going to need nails.

Masonry Nails

$8.48 on Lowes.com

Opt for a dull nail when creating this look at home, like this box of masonry nails from Lowes. Using a dull nail will help protect you, and your fellow partygoers, from any accidental injuries.

Masonry nails from Lowes to complete your Hellraiser inspired hairstyle for Halloween.
(Image Source: Lowes.com)

Bride of Frankenstein

The best thing about Bride of Frankenstein’s hair is the messier, the better. Let your frizz run free like you just rolled off of Dr. Frankenstein’s operating table.

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Bobby pins and hairspray are definitely required to recreate this Halloween hair look. But the key factor in making this style recognizable is the Bride’s signature white streaks just above the ear.

Ben Nye’s Snow White Temporary Hair Color

$9 on StageMakeupOnline.com

Ben Nye is a legend amongst the special effects and theater makeup community. This temporary brush-on, liquid white dye is perfect for creating Bride of Frankenstein streaks or even old-age makeup.

Ben Nye's Snow White Temporary Liquid Hair Color is perfect for all Halloween hair costumes.
(Image Source: StageMakeupOnline.com)

Rainbow Pumpkin Undercut

Undercuts are great because they grow out fast. Use this to your advantage! Add a little Halloween-themed art to your undercut this season and show off your spooky side when you pull your hair up.

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Trying to style the back of your neck at home can get a bit complicated. If you aren’t planning on going to the salon for this Halloween hair look, try something more temporary at home.

Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk Set

$12.95 on Amazon.com

Sure, this hair chalk set is aimed at young kids, but based on reviews this hair chalk is one of the best out there. Simply whip up a stencil at home with a piece of paper, apply it to the back of your head, and chalk away.

Purple Ladybug Hair Chalk Set from Amazon for all your temporary Halloween Hair Costumes
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Cute But Creepy Clown

A costume and creepy makeup are always important to a good clown costume, but perfect pigtails really tie this look together—especially with the addition of pom-poms.

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There is something perfectly weird about an adult clown wearing pom-poms in their pigtails. If you’re going for that creepy vibe, definitely grab some of these.

Pom-Pom Decor Hair Ties

$2 on Us.Shein.com

Ten pieces for $2? Sounds like it’s time to make some creepy clown bubble braids with pom-poms all the way down.

(Image Source: Us.Shein.com)

Space Age Maleficent

We love this look. It’s as if Maleficent’s horns were made of cotton candy. This eye-catching hairstyle doesn’t need a costume, but wouldn’t it look great with a dayglow cape instead of black?

Get the Look

A heap of glitter is key to making this look stand out. With all the different types out there, there is one you should definitely try.

Chunky Hair Glitter from CAI BEAUTY NYC

$9.95 on Amazon.com

Cai Beauty’s super chunky hair and body glitter is known for its high shine and staying power. Plus, its cruelty-free ingredients and cosmetic grade rating make this bag o’ glitter worth the price.

All That Glitters Chunky Hair and Body Glitter is a cruelty free glitter option for any Halloween costume that calls for it.
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Spiderweb Undercut

This creepy-cool undercut is definitely one you’ll want to be done in the salon in order to achieve the perfect web. Again, the joy of an undercut? They grow out fast. So your neckline will be back to normal a few weeks after Halloween.

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We don’t recommend trying to achieve this look at home so be sure to book a session at a salon to get this spiderweb undercut. You will absolutely regret trying to do it yourself.

An Elvira-esque Bouffant

The Mistress of the Dark would be so proud of this bouffant. While the blonde pieces do give off a Lily Munster meets Bride vibes, this sky-high coif feels tried and true Elvira.

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Huge, out-of-this-world hair is what you need to complete this look. To create a bump this big, you’re going to need more than your standard comb and spritz.

Goody Volume Boost Teasing Comb Kit

$4.77 on Walmart.com

This Volume Boost Teasing Comb Kit from Goody is the perfect set of tools to achieve sky-high Elvira hair. Use the teasing comb to backcomb down to the roots, then reach for the boar bristle brush to smooth out any uneven surfaces.

A Goody Volume Boost Teasing Comb Kit from Walmart.com, perfect for sky-high Halloween hairstyles.
(Image Source: Walmart.com)

Candy Corn Color Melt

Here’s another Halloween hair look for our dye-hards. This sweet style is perfect for spooky season.

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If you’re worried about having candy corn-colored hair all year long, don’t be. Semi-permanent colors can be used to achieve this look at home, or in the salon. Plus, once it fades out, you’ll be left with a gorgeous and warm blonde ombré that won’t look corny at all.

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Porange and Neon Moon

$11.99 on ArcticFoxHairColor.com

Arctic Fox makes incredible hair color that is non-damaging, easy to use at home, and fades beautifully. Their colors Porange and Neon Moon would be the perfect tones to recreate this Halloween hair costume.

Arctic Fox Hair Color is a great option for creating Halloween hair colors at home.
(Image Source: ArcticFoxHairColor.com)

Wild Wizardess Hair

Half of being a Witch or Wizard for Halloween is the hat, but the other half is the hair. If “witchy forest maiden” is on your Halloween hair and costume list, remember to get a little wild with it. Long, naturally textured locks fit this costume perfectly, and the addition of hair feathers and wraps can take this Halloween hairstyle the extra mile.

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Incorporating feathers, twigs, beads, and yarn will help sell this costume. If you’re looking in the mirror saying, “is this too much?” The answer is no. Witches are collectors, so the more the merrier.

Feather Hair Clips

$9.99 on Amazon.com

These feather hair clips from Amazon are easy to snap in and out of your hair during styling. The natural colors used in these feather clips will blend seamlessly with your natural color, and add an extra pop of texture beneath your Witch hat.

Feather Hair Clips from Amazon are perfect for your witchy Halloween hairstyles.
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Sneaky Devil Horns

Using your own hair to create devil horns is incredibly clever and easy. If you have bangs or short layers on top, this style should be no problem for you. Pair your new hair horns with a killer outfit and a pitchfork prop if you feel like it.

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This Halloween hairstyle may be easy in theory, but the hard part is getting the horns to stay up. You’re going to need a hard hold gel for this one. Embrace the crunch!

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

$4.99 on Amazon.com

Many of us wouldn’t normally reach for an extreme hold hair gel on a daily basis, but they certainly come in handy. Got2b Glued has been making extreme hold hairsprays and gels for ages, and boy do they work. A palm full of their Invincible Styling Gel will keep your horns held high all Halloween night.

Got2B Glued Invincible Styling Gel makes any hard to hold Halloween hair costumes easier to style.
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Perfect Princess Hair

When we think princess hair, we typically think long, flowing, impossible to achieve. But nowadays, princess hair can be any length, any color, or any style. But to truly look like royalty, you’re going to need a crown.

Get the Look

No matter how you choose to wear your hair, you are a queen in your own right. You just need a crown to prove it.

Crystal Queen Tiara

$7.98 on Amazon.com

Amazon has a ton of affordable, adult-sized tiaras and crowns. This particular Crystal Queen tiara is one of the highest rated due to its believability amongst the cosplay community. If this crown is good enough for professional customers, then it’s perfect for your Halloween hairstyle.

Every princess needs a crown for her Halloween hair costume.
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Trendy Lily Munster

Leave it to Lily to keep up with the trends. This sweet take on the Lily Munster hairstyle combines the modern-day half-updo with classic, white striped hair. Part vintage, part contemporary.

Get the Look

Though it may look easy, this Halloween hairstyle is actually a bit more complicated. So how can you create the classic Lily stripe? Cue Manic Panic.

Manic Panic’s Dye Hard Gel in Virgin

$9.99 on ManicPanic.com

Manic Panic’s line of Dye Hard Gel is the holy grail for this Halloween hair costume. Start by prepping your hair as you normally would. Once you have every strand where you want it, go in with a squeeze of Dye Hard last. Because this temporary color also acts as a hair gel, it’s going to stay where you put it and mix well with your other gels and creams.

Manic Panic's Dye Hard hair color gel can transform any Halloween hairstyle- temporarily.
(Image Source: ManicPanic.com)

Spooky Spider Glam

This multi-strand pony is giving major Halloweentown Gala vibes. Sophisticated yet spooky, this low-key Halloween hairstyle could actually be worn year-round (sans spiders).

Get the Look

While the foundation of this Halloween hair look may take a little practice (swipe the post above for a tutorial), the décor is the finishing touch and most eye-catching aspect.

Black Rhinestones

$5.99 on Amazon.com

With a little hair glue and this 3,000pc black rhinestone bundle from Amazon, you’ll be set. Do you need that many rhinestones? Probably not. But now you’ll have them all year round to adorn anything, and everything, that you like!

Black rhinestones from Amazon for a Halloween hair look | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Amazon.com)

Medusa Braids

If you’re a mythology fan, then you’ll love this Halloween hair costume. But don’t look too long! You may turn to stone. It’s easy to create a Medusa-inspired hairstyle at home with a few braids and a lot of plastic snakes.

Get the Look

Don’t let the braiding intimidate you. Like all of us, Medusa isn’t perfect, and perfect hair isn’t Medusa’s style. Braiding and pinning random sections of hair around the head will create the perfect amount of messiness- and places to tuck in your plastic snakes.

Glow-In-The-Dark Snake Filler from Michaels

$3.50 on Michaels.com

While you can use any type of snake for this Halloween hair costume (well, maybe not any), we recommend these glow-in-the-dark mini snakes from Michaels craft store. Imagine how cool your mane will look all wrapped up with glowing snakes when you walk into the Halloween party that night. Just don’t forget to charge them under daylight before styling.

Plastic snakes are a great addition to your Medusa inspired Halloween hair costume.
(Image Source: Michaels.com)

Need a Halloween hairstyle that’s a bit more casual? HERE are five easy last-minute Halloween hair ideas!

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