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If you’re thinking of getting wiggy this Halloween, make sure you do it right! Wig expert Matthew Monzon lets us in on the do’s and don’ts of Halloween hair…

“Halloween is a time to dress up, be creative, and most of all have some fun!  Wigs can be a great way to finish a look and really make it unique and fun!! Whether it’s for a Halloween costume or just to have a pink bob for an evening, wigs are an easy way to help create an interesting and memorable look.   Matthew Monzon Wig

I’d say that wigs for Halloween or any costume related event can certainly be purchased online. But you run the risk of it not fitting properly. If you wind up with something that doesn’t fit quite right, it can be made tighter by clasping the two hooks in the back together to create a smaller opening for your head.  Do keep in mind, this can be avoided when you buy in-person. That way you know exactly what you’re getting. Try to go to a reputable wig shop.  The employees are there to help and can fit you properly for a wig and in most cases help you enjoy the process finding the perfect wig. Generally they will let you try on a few options as long as you purchase a wig cap. If you don’t have access to a wig store with a big wide array of options, shopping online is the alternative.   Matthew Monzon Wig

Halloween costumes and all that entails can get a bit pricey, especially if you are on a budget. (Most of us are). When shopping for a wig, remember synthetic wigs are going to be the most cost-effective route. Depending on your costume, another alternative could be a costume rental warehouse. These are particularly handy if you are going with a period costume.   Matthew Monzon Wig

Most synthetic wigs come pre-cut or styled. In general, they can be brushed out a bit and you’re good to go. If you are longing for something other than the style it came with, it’s important to remember: No heat styling! Curling or flat irons can’t be used on synthetic wigs.  Hot tools will melt the hair and likely ruining the wig and possibly your tools. However, I have had success in styling synthetic wigs with hot rollers or steam rollers or simply setting it in pin curls or braids and then using the steam to hold the style. Let any style cool overnight so it really has time to set into the texture or pattern you’re aiming for.    Matthew Monzon Wig

As for color, it’s easier to just purchase a wig in the color you’re looking for, however coloring synthetic wigs is an option if necessary. Colored hairsprays or colored chalks are simple solutions; particularly for streaks or colored ombré styles. And you can always personalize the wig with accessories as well (colored pins, a scarf or headband, colored clips, a tiara).

It’s always fun to personalize the wig you’re wearing with some sort of accessory.  Mixing it up with some different things (maybe some colored pins, a scarf or headband, maybe some colored clips, maybe a tiara, maybe just some colored streaks). 

Matthew Monzon Wig Coloring on synthetic wigs isn’t ideal, but it can be done, but it is generally cheaper and less messy than just buying the color you desire.   Another option to color synthetic wigs is with colored hairsprays, also the color chalks that are available are great for making streaks or colored ombré styles.

Looking for a last minute Halloween idea? An Afro is always a winner!!! They come in tons of colors, stay out of your face, and who doesn’t love a big Afro?”

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