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A Guide to Halo Hair Extensions

Tape-ins and clip-ins have had their day, but halo-style hair extensions are now one of the go-to accessories for easy at-home styling and creating the illusion of a longer, luxurious mane. But what exactly defines a halo extension? And how easy are they to use? Read on for a deep dive into the latest hair hype!

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are surprisingly exactly what they sound like—several wefts of extension hair adhered to a band that will blend with your hair color. The result is a halo-like extension of hair that sits on your head, just above the ears but beneath the crown. Those who use halo extensions will see an increase in length, volume, body, and more styling options than they had before.

Are These Extensions as Easy to Use as They Say?

Halo extensions are not only easy to use, but they are also much easier to organize and maintain. Anyone who’s used clip-ins, tape-ins, or glue-ins before knows that it is key to keep each weft labeled and organized between uses. Washing, drying, and styling individual wefts can also be tricky and time-consuming.

Additionally, halo extensions are a one-step process that does far less damage to your locks. Repeated use of clip-ins and the like can cause weak spots along your scalp if you aren’t careful, or if you aren’t applying the extensions properly. Halos are a great option as the application and styling learning curve is short, and the consequences are slim to none. The biggest thing to keep in mind with halo extensions is that you do need to have enough hair around the face and on top of the head in order to blend with the rest of the hairpiece.

Best Halo Extensions

The Best of the Best: Luxy Hair Halo Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to try a halo and want the crème de la crème, Luxy Hair should be your go-to. Not only is the quality of hair they use absolutely incredible, but their color range is also massive. From ginger to blonde, to balayage, bronde, and beyond, Luxy Hair offers a plethora of colors to help you match your natural hue (they even have gray). Luxy also has a great FAQ section on their site to answer all your extension questions, as well as how-to videos for application and styling.


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Couture With a Color Range: Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Halo Couture is another reputable Remy hair dealer that specializes in the art of the halo. Not only does Halo Couture offer an “original” and “layered” halo, but they also offer a multitude of lengths and colors. They are a salon exclusive brand, but this is a good thing! This means that when you pick up your halo at your local salon, you are guaranteed to have the right length and color match for your particular hair.

Fit for a Queen: Hidden Crown Halo Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for another option that you can buy online, Hidden Crown Hair is a highly reviewed extensions brand with a very loyal customer base. Their variety of lengths, layers, and colors make matching your hair super simple. With real Remy human hair and touted as the “brand that celebrities love,” this woman-founded and powered brand has shown up as the extensions brand that truly cares about its customer’s self-confidence.

You bought the extensions, now you need some maintenance tips and tricks! HERE is an expert guide to coloring, washing, and detangling hair extensions.

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