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5 Ways to Halt Hair Loss

Hair Loss Brush Beauty Problem Solved

Like a lot of seemingly embarrassing beauty issues, hair loss is a topic people prefer to avoid. At MA, however, we think that when you’re experiencing something like hair loss, the best thing you can do is talk about it. Besides, how else will you find out whose had similar experiences or find out how to treat it? Here are 5 quick tips that will help you deal with and halt hair loss.


Hair loss is common and can happen to anyone, for a million different reasons. Stress? Yes, it’s one of them. Let’s not add insult to injury by stressing over it. Chances are, nobody but you has noticed anything so focus on and flaunt everything else you love about yourself!


In order to figure out what’s happening (and stop it), note any changes that you’ve made to you diet or lifestyle in the last 6 months. Are you getting enough protein and vitamins, could you be iron deficient? Did you stop or start birth control or a hormone supplement? Look at your hair closely, too. Is your hair breaking or falling out from the scalp, is it thinning in patches or all over? The only way to effectively treat what’s going on is to KNOW what’s going on. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as a diet change. 

*Tip: If you’ve recently switched to no-poo, that may be what’s causing issues for you because your hair is more prone to breakage. Instead of skipping shampoo, try a natural, targeted treatment like iRestore Hair Growth Shampoo. It uses restorative ingredients like antioxidants, aloe and amino acids to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss, dryness and breakage. 


Hair is not indestructible. Switch to a wide tooth comb or wet brush to detangle and don’t be too rough. Take a break from tight, damaging hairstyles like ponytails as well as coloring and heat styling – which can perpetuate hair loss.


Hair re-growth takes time. If you’re worried about a specific event in the near future, consider extensions or invest in a root-touch up powder which will make your hair look fuller in photos. While you’re waiting, treat your hair to mask or oil treatments whenever you can and shop shampoos & conditioners that are designed specifically for thinning hair. If you don’t notice any changes, or things get worse, see a doctor. Most hair loss can be reversed, so don’t panic!


Sure, it’s no fun to lose your hair but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Talk to your stylist and consider a trendy cut – it might makes things less noticeable to you. Whatever you do, don’t let a little thinning get you down!

 Ever dealt with hair loss? We’d love to hear how you dealt with it. Comment below!





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