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NEED TO KNOW: Hand Pressed Color

Say goodbye to your average balayage board for this mind blowing coloring technique. This hypnotizing trend is called Hand Pressing, and it’s unlike any color application you’ve ever seen. 

Hand Pressed Color

Hand pressing shows the true artistry involved in being a colorist, and breaks completely out of the box of “normal” coloring.

Redken colorist Chiala Marvici thought up this signature application in her sleep! Marvici elaborates saying “I fell asleep one night and dreamt of all these layers of paint living on one surface together.”  That very next day she knew she had to translate that art onto hair.

Hand Pressed Color

Looking through her educating instagram videos, you’ll notice what she lays the hair onto is an unfamiliar surface, that’s because it’s plexiglass! Chiala uses a 6-inch wide sheet of plexiglass to paint on multiple patterns with the hair color, and then presses the hair into the color with a putty knife.

Hand Pressed Color

Marvici creates these colored designs with paintbrushes, foam brushes, and of course the Redken blur brush. The result is dimensional color with impeccable shine. And unlike balayage, hand pressing takes little to no blending, making it a very quick process time.  

So can you ask for hand pressed color in your local salon? Not quite yet, Chiala is currently working on teaching her technique to colorists throughout the country, but expects it to be a few months before it really takes off in salons.

Until then, you can check out Chiala’s instagram for updated posts on classes and educational 6-second videos. 

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