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How to Deal With a Stylist Who Messed Up Your Hair

No one’s perfect—even your trusty hairstylist makes mistakes. Unfortunately, there may come a time when your hair doesn’t turn out quite how you envisioned or described it to this person. Worse yet, it could legitimately get messed up. If you’re dealing with this situation, take a few deep breaths before absolutely freaking out. We’re here to tell you how to deal with a hairstylist who messed up your hair.

1. Wait.

Much of the time, our hair falls into place or the color sets just right after a couple of washes or after a week goes by. When a look is totally fresh, it’s always slightly shorter, darker, or lighter than we initially envisioned. Before you rush to your stylist, have a little patience. Play with styling and see if you can get things right. If a little time goes by and you still hate it, then carry on with the next steps of how to deal with a hairstylist who messed up your hair.

2. Be realistic about the outcome.

Before storming back into the salon, be fair here. If you asked your stylist to chop your locks to your ears and you happen to hate it, they’re not entirely to blame. Or if you asked for blonde highlights and they warned you that it probably won’t have the best turnout on your natural hair color, it’s not fair to angrily point the finger at them. If you’re not a fan of what’s been done, but you requested this particular look, you’ll want to acknowledge the obvious to your stylist when you approach them.

3. Approach your stylist calmly.

Whether you feel like your hair is totally ruined or you simply just need a quick touch-up, nothing is going to be achieved by coming at your stylist aggressively. A polite phone call or walk into the salon to explain what’s wrong will get you much further than freaking out. Be prepared to explain the exact issue and what you expected to be different. If you have an original photo that you shared, bring that in. Basically, just do anything you can to (gracefully) plead your case.

4. Give them the opportunity to fix the issue.

Because this is someone you’ve likely been seeing for a little while, give them a chance to hopefully fix the faux pas. They know your hair pretty well, so it’s best to give them first dibs on repairing it. But if they think someone may be better suited for this particular issue, ask them to refer a friend or colleague.

5. If all else fails, respectfully ask for a refund and go somewhere else.

If your stylist gives your hair another go and you’re still dissatisfied, it’s time to pull the plug. Respectfully explain why this look doesn’t work for you and ask them to give you a refund. From there, talk to your friends or other people you know who work in hair and get a recommendation for someone who specializes in what you need.

Hairstylists aren’t the only ones who make mistakes, so are we. Happen to regret dyeing your hair black? HERE is what you need to do!

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