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Harem of Headbands

Harem of Headbands

Want to channel your inner 5 year old while maintaining the impossibly chic being that you are?  We’ve come to the rescue with a list of leather headbands perfect for every occasion.

Need a tip on where to wear?  We’ve also got that covered!

1.  The Queen of Everything

Sometimes size does in fact mean everything, especially when it comes to a crown.  This bold piece makes a giant statement allowing versatility however it’s worn.  Throw it on with basics (i.e. t-shirt and jeans) for a juxtapose contrast or take your night out outfit to next level noticing.

2. More than meets the eye

 Disneyland?  The Monster Ball?  Sure this set of diamond ears could be easily stereotyped but there’s more to them than taking a fab artistic #selfie.  We picture a night of networking; business sleek with a conversation piece.

3. The Underdog

Sometimes simplicity speaks just as loud as the apparent.  For this exact reason we love headband #3.  Calm and collected with just enough force to be remembered by; perfect example for first date status.

4. Parental Control

Just because you had to trade out your thigh high mini skirt to meet the parents, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and cool.  A cute bow done up in leather gives the right amount of bad girl, while keeping things approachable and innocent.

5. Work it out

Are we the only ones who dread working out because of fashion?  While there are more places this headband can go, what pops in the brain thought is “finally our hair can look chic at the gym!”  The elastic makes for a perfectly stable accessory and the braided leather sends signals that your style goes beyond spandex.

10 headbands to invest in this spring. 

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