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WHAT TO BUY: The Harry Josh Ceramic 2-in-1 Curling Iron

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in1  Curling Iron

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve used a curling iron, and chances are you’re still figuring it out. If you’re not a professional, finding the perfect, easy to use tool for your strands can be a challenge. I mean, we all want Lily Aldridge curls, but for some reason it’s our iron that just isn’t getting it!

After the hit release of his cult blowdryer, we were thrilled to find out that Harry Josh has expanded his line of hair care tools, including the curling iron we’ve all been waiting for. The Harry Josh Pro-Tools 2-in-1 Curling Iron is perfect for the minimalist girl on the go. Whether you are a hairstylist using this on your clients or the regular girl who just wants to look like a supermodel, this iron has something for you.

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in1  Curling Iron

With a detachable spring attachment, the iron can easily double as a wand, lock in place (like a regular curling iron), or swivel like a marcel (like you’re used to seeing in the salon).

With ceramic plates and an extra long heating rod inside, (most irons heating source inside the iron is small and short, meaning your iron won’t heat up evenly), you can ensure your hair will curl evenly, much faster and hold longer.

Harry Josh Curling Iron Case

Bonus features we’re obsessed with: the extra long cord (I mean, why hasn’t anyone though of that before?!) and the heat proof case, which makes it perfect for travel. And the cute mint green color doesn’t hurt either.

Get yours at Dermstore.

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