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WATCH: Hask Hair for Spring

With Coachella and spring around the corner, we foresee tons of fun in the sun in your future, and in case you didn’t know—mo’ sun, mo’ probs for your mane. That won’t be the case for lucky lil’ you though, as long as you’ve got Hask’s ultra-repairing goodies by your side.

Spritz some of Hask’s Instant Clean Dry Shampoo, a newcomer to the all-around amazing hair care collection, on your strands and you’ll be rolling through one music festival after the next looking like a dreamy desert deity. Whether you plan to roam the Coachella grounds or bask beachside, throw in your bag one of Hask’s nourishing deep conditioner masks (in perf on-the-go travel-size packets)—Nourishing Monoi Coconut Oil, Purifying Charcoal with Citrus Oil, and Color-Protecting Kalahari Melon Oil—and apply a few dollops prior to exposing your presh tresses to the sun’s lovely-but-harsh rays. That way, you can indulge your sun-loving soul during every summer rendezvous, all while keeping your hair lustrous and healthy. For double the heat protection and a speedy hair pick-me-up, spray some of Hask’s Repair That Hair Leave In Spray.

Peep Hask’s site for everything else your hair needs now.

Cinematographer: @thedavelang

Makeup: @ashleybeverly

Hair/Art Direction: @desiraecherie

Model: Aubrey Wood

2 minutes

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