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Hassie Harrison Sports 3 Cool Girl Texas Hairstyles Fit For the Modern Ranch

Don’t believe everything you read about Southern belles–because our latest one-to-watch is anything but your run-of-the-mill debutant.

Meet Hassie Harrison. Chances are you’ve already seen the 30-year-old blonde beauty in the comedic series Tacoma FD, or decked out in ranch gear as Laramie on Yellowstone–the latter which she stars alongside Kevin Costner and has garnered a cult following. A show definitely binge-worthy as we continue to spend weeks sheltering in place.

The Texas born babe is all about channeling her natural look, especially amidst quarantine where she’s given her over-styled locks a much needed rest. “It’s allll about the high bun baby… and Olaplex Hair Perfector is magic,” she tells us on set of our first editorial photoshoot since the pandemic broke out. By the looks of these photos, you’d never guess we shot this with a skeleton crew at our Mane Addicts HQ in Los Angeles – like you, we’re learning how to navigate our new normal when it comes to creating original content.

The excitement to be back on set was high, albeit cautious as our crew suited up in all the necessary protective gear. Surf Mesa Radio tunes played in the background as Hassie revealed her biggest hair inspiration: Brigette Bardot, “She was part of my inspiration to cut bangs,” she says. “And then of course there’s Jane Birkin’s legendary fringe.”

Meanwhile, hairstylist Clayton Hawkins went to work and styled up three southern-inspired looks on Hassie ranging from darling to downright dreamy. Read on to learn more about this budding actor and a full breakdown on how to re-create each look.

Not-Your-Basic Blowout

She’s polished but cool, and she definitely isn’t trying to hard. At least, that was the mantra for this anything but basic, Texas-style blowout. Hassie dubbed this look Texas chic noting, “I love the fact that it’s a modern Texas look while still considered to be laid back, chill, & effortless.” A sweet silk neck scarf paired with a simple white tank proves this look can go from a day at the ranch to a night out line dancing. On the inspo behind the look, Clayton shares, “I wanted to achieve a real southern girl next door vibe–Hassie already has great hair and perfect fringe so we really wanted to play that up.”

Clayton’s Step-By-Step Breakdown:

  • Applying Pai Shau volumizing mouse to damp roots
  • Blow dry hair with Ibiza round brush
  • Fringe:  Blow dry straight forward with Mason Pearson brush. Clip all to one side with flat clips while styling the rest of the hair. Every 15 minutes flip bangs to opposite side so they’re more malleable.
  • Use GHD curve flat iron to effortlessly wave a few pieces around the front of the hair for a slight bend
  • For perfect piecey texture use a combination of Oribe Spray Wax and Oribe Dry Texture Spray
  • Spray Mason Pearson with dry shampoo and brush bangs down to make them look fuller.

Mane Addicts What hairstyles make you feel the most strong and empowered?

Hassie Harrison: I think my go-to feel-good hairstyle is just effortless, loose waves. I’ve gotten so fast at it now, I can curl my hair in about 7 minutes. I add a little dry shampoo for volume and it gives my hair that beachy, undone look. I use a traditional curling iron, I know people swear by the wands but I just feel massively uncoordinated and prone to burning myself when I use them. 

MA: Whats in your shower right now

HH: I have some Kevin Murphy products, I really love the Angel wash and rinse. It smells like strawberry shortcake and I honestly wish I could eat it. I try (keyword being tryyy) to keep my products as clean and natural as possible so you’ll just find some Dr. Bronner’s Eucalyptus soap and Herbivore Coco Rose body scrub in there right now. 

Hipster Hoedown

“I felt like Stevie Nicks and Willie Nelson’s love child in this look,” Hassie says of this look and we couldn’t agree more. Or as Clayton likes to call it, “full on Willie Nelson glam.” Two classic pigtail braids are given an Indie spin thanks to Hassie’s effortless bangs and a cool (x2) topper.

As for the styling worn two ways, this look is right in line with Hassie’s signature style. She explains, “growing up around ranching and cowboy culture meant that I already had a lot of Laramie’s looks going on in my own wardrobe. I actually wore one of my own button-down shirts in the show.” Whether styled up with denim on denim or paired with retro Western gear, this looks a keeper. And, Hassie’s fave of the lot.

Clayton’s Country Chic Breakdown:

  • Apply generous amount of Oribe Apres Beach for extra shine, part hair down center
  • Create two braids starting at cheekbones
  • Secure with small scunci elastic
  • Pull apart braids for fullness and a few around the face

MA: How does your style in Yellowstone pertain to your everyday life?

HH: Growing up around ranching and cowboy culture meant that I already had a lot of Laramie’s (my character) looks going on in my own wardrobe. I actually wore one of my own button-down shirts in the show. 

MA: How did you wear your hair as a child growing up in the south? 

HH: I was a big tomboy growing up so my hair was most pulled back in a ponytail or a top not. Whatever got it out of my face. 

MA: How do your southern roots guide your present-day style choices?

HH: I love incorporating my Texas roots into my everyday style. There’s a lot of denim in my wardrobe and I think almost everything looks cooler with cowboy boots on.

Hello Dolly

You can’t deny the Dolly Parton vibes! It’s sweet and Southern but not without sass. Although this look is quite a departure from Hassie’s self described tomboy style, she gives all the belles’ of the ball some stiff competition. Sheer Victorian sleeves and a dramatic black bow breathe romance into this version of a classic half up do–or in the words of Clayton, “half a can of hairspray later and this chic take on the southern debutante belle was born.”

Clayton’s Southern Belle Breakdown:

  • Start by steam rolling a custom half wig that I made using hair from Luxy Hair extensions
  • Prep hair with 1.75 inch curling iron and setting in Velcro rollers, let cool
  • Let down, tease and add tons of hairspray
  • Apply the custom half wig at the crown of head and brush real hair over and into it, blending it into a half chignon in the back
  • Add a giant ribbon bow (I hand made this one) in the back and secured with wig tap.

MA: What do you think is the biggest hair misconception of Southern girls?

HH: Well, I guess there’s that ole Texas saying, “the higher the hair, the closer to God.” So I think there’s a misconception that its all big hair and fancy debutant updos but that’s not really the case. All my southern girlfriends keep pretty natural, low-maintenance hairstyles. But there’s some big hair too, don’t get me wrong!

Mane Addicts: You’re going on a virtual zoom date – how do you wear your hair?

HH: I’d probably go for something romantic like a half-up pony with a bow…just a LITTLE less dramatic than what we did for this shoot. Laughs

MA: Hair regrets?

HH: I got hair extensions one time for a movie and I absolutely couldn’t stand them. They itched, but it’s an itch you literally can’t scratch, and they were just way too high-maintenance for me. Not to mention the damage they cause…

Hair: Clayton Hawkins | Photography: Jesse Fiorino | Makeup: Lilly Keys | Styling: Marc Eram

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