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NEED TO KNOW: Hat Hair Can Still Be Haute

hat hair gypsy waves hat hairstyles

Sprung off floral hair accessories? Yes we are. Going to shun hats this spring? No we ain’t. We’re embracing them in all shapes, sizes and colors. You know, ‘cause not only do they make for sick additions to our threads, but they also make way for a tricked-out mane. Whoever said hats are only good for masking shitty hair days was way wrong—some of our most too-legit-to-quit hair days are to be had while wearing a hat this season. Don’t believe us? Just watch Joey Maalouf, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of The Glam App and Ish, break down some of our favorite hairstyles to pair with a hat, like textured waves and a romantic messy side bun, in this Extra 5 With Rachel Zoe from The Zoe Report vid below.

chignon or uneven braid would also look gorg under a hat.

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