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5 Headband Wigs to Use When You’re Short on Time

Some days, not only do we want to cover our manes with an accessory, we’d like there to be a full-blown wig attached to it. Well, luckily such a thing exists, chickadees. It’s called a headband wig and it’s a wondrous invention. All you do is slip this baby on and forget all your hair cares. Literally. When you can’t be bothered to apply a full lace front wig or even clip in extensions, a headband wig comes in handy. Below, discover the five wigs we’re currently obsessed with!

Beautyforever Headband Wig Water Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs With Pre-attached Scarf Natural Color 200% Density: $66

This wig-headband combo has been sold 13,746 times! It has a 768 5-star reviews, making it a sure thing. Length options range from 10 inches all the way to 26 inches for some serious hair drama.

Beautyforever Headband Wig Water Wave Glueless Human Hair Wigs With Pre-attached Scarf Natural Color 200% Density

(via Beautyforever)

Cossaro Store Wig: $59.99

With a near perfect review from over 3,500 peeps, this curly headband wig is beloved by many. It’s also real human hair at synthetic price point.

HeadBand Wig Curly Human Hair Wig None Lace Front Wigs for Black Women Deep Wave Machine Made Wigs Natural Color 150% Density 16inch

(via Amazon)

Mayvenn Malaysian Body Wave Headband Wig: $150

Available in a natural black color attached to a subtle black headband, this selection is absolutely classic. You can get away with wearing it every day of the week. And you definitely should.

Mayvenn headband wig

(via Mayvenn)

Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Medifresh Wig: $25

One reviewer calls this sale wig “the art of effortless flow,” noting how soft the hair is. For $25, you really can’t beat it.

Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Medifresh Headband Wig

(via Ebonyline)

Heatfree For Kinks Headband Wig: $379

This high-quality natural hair weave is made from 100% virgin hair and boasts a beautiful Z pattern curl shape in its fullest form to blend in easily with 4C hair.

Heatfree For Kinks Headband Wig

(via Heatfree Hair)

Wearing wigs isn’t as easy as it seems. If you need a little help applying one to your head, we got you covered. HERE is the right way to wear a wig!

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