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5 Headbands Under $30 to Take You Through the Holidays and Beyond

Headbands are the ultimate holiday accessory, amirite?

But so many of these seasonal wears are very specific to this time of year. While we love a good reindeer or gingerbread moment, we’d much prefer something we can wear once the festivities are over.

Rest assured, we found five headbands under $30 to take you through the holidays and beyond!

Dew Party Animal Headband: $27


Shop Fe Line Red Wine Turban Headband: $21

J. Crew Turban Knot Headband in Stewart Tartan: $29.50

France Luxe Wayward Metal Hair Band: $18

Free People Bianca Bow (Wine): $28

Now that you have your headband situation figured out, accompany it with one of THESE festive braids!

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