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Everything to Know About LA’s ‘Healing Haircut’ That Releases Negative Energy

We live in LA, so naturally we thought we’d heard/seen/tried it all when it comes to spiritual healing. Whether it’s reiki, an intuitive reading or a sound bath, there’s no avenue in that realm we haven’t crossed. Welp, enter the healing haircut.

Created by hairstylist and spiritual coach Mariana Bayramyan, this trademarked experience can occur via Chateau Salon in Montrose, CA for $300, or by way of a house call for slightly more.

Keep reading for everything to know about the Healing Haircut, straight from Bayramyan herself!

Healing Haircut | Mane Addicts
(via Unsplash)

The Healing Haircut Definition

“The Healing Haircut is a powerful energy healing experience guided by an intuitive hairstylist who helps you identify any limiting thoughts or emotions that are holding you back,” Bayramyan tells Mane Addicts. “It then uses the power behind the scissor to release any and all blocks preventing you from achieving your highest good.”

The Healing Haircut Origin 

After decades of working with clients from all walks of life, Bayramyan chose to dive into the true healing power behind the chair. 

“Whether I was working with a professional athlete who was preparing for that big moment on the pitch, or a single mom managing her career while working from home, I knew their intention in the chair expanded beyond a badass hairdo,” Bayramyan says. “Throughout my professional career, I witnessed the safe space stylists organically created for clients. The trust that was so intentionally built, allowed for intimate, honest conversations that clients couldn’t wait to have with their personal stylist. We all feel that fresh, revived feeling of a haircut. Even the smallest trim would have a big impact on our guests. But the opportunity to elevate this experience was right there, in that space we held for each client.”

After fully immersing herself into better understanding the energy hair holds, along with the power behind thoughts and beliefs, Bayramyan “started to understand the science behind our luminous energy field, and worked with many energy healers and physicians to design what has now become my very own masterclass for this unique healing experience,” she explains. “I recognized our industry can provide an elevated experience that’s intended to guide our clients, intentionally. I knew this was crucial to implement, as stylists were already doing a lot of this work behind the chair. My goal is to provide this incredible experience, and help other stylists uncover the healer the already are.”

What to Expect After the Healing Haircut

An experience with intention and purpose, the Healing Haircut is “an inner and outer transformation,” Bayramyan says. “The energy healing part of the experience provides a deep state of relaxation and peace. The guidance provides clarity and empowered. Our Guests leave the chair feeling and looking their best self.” 

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Experience the Healing Haircut

COVID has inflicted loss and tragedy upon just about everyone to some extent. It’s only natural that we’ve all got some negative energy lingering within us as we transition back to normalcy.

“For the first time in history, we’re experiencing shared collective trauma,” Bayramyan explains. “Human connection and the opportunity to be heard has profound value. I believe Healing Haircuts offer a powerful experience created to help guide and inspire the shift people are seeking today.” 

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