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How Models Keep Their Manes Healthy During Fashion Month

If there is one thing that distracts us from a supermodel’s effortlessly chic street style, it’s the fact that their hair always looks amazing and equally as effortless, no matter what. But we can’t help but wonder: how do models keep their hair so healthy, especially during their crazy fashion week schedules?

To find out, we talked to four models backstage during NYFW and got them to share their secrets for maintaining healthy model hair, even when they’re getting their hair styled multiple times a day with countless heat tools and products. From clarifying shampoos to hair masks to oil treatments, keep reading to find out what models do to maintain their manes, even during their busiest days of NYFW.


healthy model hair
(via Aveda)

Jennifer, @Jedan71

“…because of all of the products that are used, I use a clarifying shampoo every couple of days. Deep conditioners are also so necessary.” explains the model. Clarifying shampoos help to strip the scalp and hair of major residue that is caused by product buildup, and like hair masks, should be used once or twice a week. As far as her completely necessary masks, Jennifer says that her go-to is L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Extreme for daily nourishment and she also uses L’anza Healing Haircare on days that her hair needs even more TLC and hydration.

healthy model hair
(via Aveda)

Anastasia, @anastasiachekry

Anastasia told Mane Addicts that she also needs an intense conditioning mask during her busy fashion week schedule. Her mask of choice is Oribe’ s Signature Moisture Masque which is an indulgent cream mask that deeply hydrates the hair and leaves it soft after just one use – perfect for achieving healthy model hair on days when locks are dry and brittle.

Naki, @nakidepass

“I use olive oil and hair lotion and keep products to a minimum and [then] after shows when they use a lot of hairspray, just deep condition.” Explains Naki. Naki’s tip to use an olive oil treatment is great for maintaining healthy hair as it penetrates and conditions the scalp and prevents hair loss.

healthy model hair
(via Aveda)

Symone, @wonderchild_symone

We spoke to Symone backstage at Tibi where she, like Naki, also emphasized the importance of using oils to condition and nourish the hair, “I use Moroccanoil argan oil and put it on the roots to help the hair growth. I try to keep it all natural, just oils and you know, keeping those edges in check”

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