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THIS Is How to Get Natural-Looking Heat-Free Beach Waves, Even If You Have Stick Straight Hair

Effortless, lived-in beach waves are a California-cool style every Mane Addict wants to master.

But tousled tresses are tough to achieve without the help of hot tools. While wave wands, straighteners, and curling irons, can coil your strands with ease, the constant use of these styling tools can damage your tresses over time. The only real way to avoid breakage is to wave heat-free. But if you have stick-straight strands like me, getting waves that hold without heat is next to impossible. My razor-sharp tresses resist the shape of braids, refuse to hold the bend of a bun. Even with the help of hot styling tools and a whole lot of hairspray, I simply cannot get my strands to hold a shape.

That is, until I took a cue from Gisou founder Negin Mirsalehi and tried the bathrobe curl trend that’s taking off on TikTok. Read on for a breakdown of this super hot heatless trend.

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Prep is key

Before you begin, you’ll need a couple of products: a bathrobe tie, 2 hair ties, bobby pins, and your go-to styling product (I’ve been LOVING Davines volume-boosting mousse, lately). I also recommend having a hair mist on hand to finish the look off. Playa’s New Day 3-in-1 mist provides a little bit of hold and a whole lot of shine- ideal for topping off these heatless waves.

Section your strands

To start this look off, you’ll want to prep your strands with a styling product and section them at your natural part. Place the bathrobe tie on the top of your head, a few inches behind your hairline. Secure with a clip. Then tie off one section of hair along your part.

Twist, twist, twist

Now turn to the un-tied section of hair. Beginning right at the part, take a 1-inch section of hair and twist it over and around the bathrobe tie. Continue this process, incorporating a new 1-inch section of hair each time you wrap around the bathrobe tie. Once the entire section of hair is incorporated into the twist, tie it off. Turn to the other side of the part and complete the same process. Once you have two complete pig-tail twists, the job is basically done. For convenience, you can wrap each twist into a secure bun, or use the bathrobe ties to bow the twists at the nape of your neck.

Now all that’s left to do is wait. I like to leave these twists overnight to ensure maximum hold. Depending on how stubborn your strands are, leave these twists secure for a couple of hours before taking them out.

Brush ’em out

Once your twists have had time to set, remove the ties and shake out those waves! You should be left with a uniform set of beachy coils and curls. For enhanced volume and an even more undone aesthetic, brush out your tresses. Add a spritz of shine spray and you’re ready for a day of sand and sun!

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