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If Your Curls Are in Heat-Free Hibernation Mode This Winter, Try These Deep Conditioning Masks

Because hibernation is at an all-time high this winter, why not use this time to treat your curls to a deeply repairing and conditioning hair mask? Many of us textured hair folks have gone heat-free this year and this is an even better way to provide your locks with further damage repair they might desperately need.

After gifts are all wrapped and ready to go, kick back on the couch and slather on one of the glorious deep conditioning hair masks for curls below.

1. Bomba Curls Forbidden Hair Mask: $28

Bomba Curls’ award-winning mask is formulated with a heavenly blend of cinnamon, pistachio, and Cupuacu butter. It’s made with us brittle-haired folks in mind, a feat we deeply appreciate. It intensely moisturizes from root to tip for stronger, longer curls.

Bomba Curls Forbidden hair mask | Mane Addicts

(via Bomba Curls)

2. Taliah Waajid Repair & Restore Hair Strengthening Masque: $10.99

Another exceptional option for overly dry, damaged hair is Taliah Waajid’s Miracle Repair Masque. The shea butter, honey, and banana in this treatment give you soft, supple strands that are more manageable, luscious, and healthy. When natural moisture levels are truly balanced, it’s also much easier for new, damage-free hair to grow at the root.

Taliah Waajid Repair & Restore Hair Strengthening Masque | Mane Addicts

(via Natural Hair)

3. Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask: $19.42

There’s a reason this mask has almost a perfect five-star rating on Amazon. It’s ideal for all hair types, but works impeccably for textured hair as it renews frazzled ends and adds the deep hydration curls need. The unique ingredients, including blue algae, provide the ultimate mane renewal. It also includes classic ultra-hydrators like cocoa and mango butter for extra silkiness.

Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask | Mane Addicts

(via Amazon)

4. Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask: $14.99

With rich botanical ingredients like aloe leaf juice, chamomile extract, and blueberry extract, it would be pretty hard for this treatment to be ineffective. It repairs split ends and enhances your natural curl pattern, making it a weekly staple for any curly girl routine.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask | Mane Addicts

(via Amazon)

5. NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque: $17

NatureLab Tokyo is such a winner in our book for so many reasons. The products are far above average at a budget-friendly price and are here to help those whose curls are in hibernation mode. This perfect repair treatment features argan oil, prickly pear oil, and keratin to restore dull hair to a visibly shinier and healthier state.

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque | Mane Addicts

(via Ulta)

6. Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask: $28

If you want long-lasting hydration, shine, and nourishment, opt for Amika’s Soulfood mask! The formula appears thick, but is actually super lightweight and packs a punch with its ingredients. The best part? It can be used daily or just a few times a week.

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask | Mane Addicts

(via Sephora)

These are your must-buy hair masks, but allow us also introduce you to THESE need-to-know indie beauty brands.

Hey, mane muse! We wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

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