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NEED TO KNOW: 3 Reasons To Heat Up Your Conditioner

hooded dryer

Hair conditioning is probably the most essential part of your haircare routine. It’s literally the remedy for all hair problems. While a quick 3 minute soak and rinse may leave our hair feeling soft and more manageable, we can always do a little extra for longer lasting results. Let’s talk heated deep conditioners.


Besides feeling super luxurious, heated deep conditioners strengthen your strands and enhance the way the rest of your products work. See some of the awesome benefits below:


If you have tightly shut hair cuticles (or low porosity) heat will open them right up! The heat allows your conditioner to deeply penetrate your strands.


Since your hair is soaking up all the goodies, moisture is restored inside out. Talk about soft hair for days!


Get the full effect of your conditioner by adding some heat! A proper heated conditioner takes time — we’re talking 15-30 minutes. The heat prepares the hair for absorption, therefore allowing the product or mixture to work its magic. The time length allows your tresses to marinate in all of this goodness.


Heated conditioners can be done with…

  • Hooded dryer
  • Bonnet dryer
  • Heated cap
  • Steamer
  • In-shower: If you’re short on time, you can apply your conditioner to your (wet or dry) hair, hop in a hot shower, and rinse the conditioner out when you are done.
  • Hot towel:  Put a plastic cap over your conditioned hair and wrap a hot (actually, more warm than hot. Don’t burn yourself!) towel around your head.


What are your favorite deep conditioning methods? Let us know in the comments below!

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